Tame Tale (Draft 3)

Tame Tale (Draft 3)

Tell me why you prance;
you have no need to rear up
because I like how you dance so proudly
like the wild and graceful filly
and I never wanted to ride you

Would rather you lift off into space
dance with cosmic curiosity, and tell me
that you love the connected stars
that I adore looking up, because
you could tell me that you
love me evermore.

Oh tell me that with
four feet altogether

we’d romp and gallop
with such unbridled love
that the fertile fields
of constellation grass, and
of wild-winged horses
would fly.

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Tame Tale (Draft 3)

  1. I love the new additions…I’d dance for you anytime you’d like. Although I might make you promise not to tease me if I make a mistake (hehe) I’m a little sensitive sometimes, it seems. I like how the “tell me” lines come one after another it seems like a melody, very musical. Since you posted this I keep thinking about when I was a little girl and when it was my turn to pick the game we’d play I’d make my cousins play flying horses. We’d run around my aunt’s backyard flapping our arms and neighing…good times, good times. I’m sure her neighbors probably thought we were odd little ones…(giggling)

    1. That sounds like a great game : flying horses. I don’t remember that the kids in my neighborhood had imaginations. It always had to be real games with real rules. I could never convince anyone to change the rules to suit my game. I tried to invent games that I could do well but nobody was going to play along… I hated traditional games…

      1. Well, you would’ve been completely welcome to join in on the flying horses game. It was pretty awesome (if i do say so myself, hehe).

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