Licit (Draft 7)

Licit (Draft 7)

Riding the day in dreams
brought thoughts of you

I came, away from the ups and downs. Your
door was open that night for me; I peeked
to see you singing to the stars; would’ve …

Your cat said meow and gave me away,
but in your startled sound
I thought I heard ah-hummy-yummy
barely licit

In the day I know you had always
looked for a gaggle of feathered giggles
and nightly I’d imagined I was a star
who’d do a celestial silly take on a gander
playing on heavenly stage too as
the guest Dog Star of Summer

A play to elide
the speech for a murmur

scene one to elicit joy-songs:
jocular tenacity of affections

Act 2, scene X:

for the foxy-ness of you
I undressed from sheep’s clothing
and plunged into the silly seat of
a many mellowed roller coaster

— Douglas Gilbert

7 thoughts on “Licit (Draft 7)

  1. Love, my door is always open for you – come sing to the stars with me. I like all the changes you made, adding the ‘would’ve’ and the ‘playing on Heavenly stage’ and ‘Dog Star of Summer’. I think you’re the brightest shining star ever. This is a wonderful poem.
    It’s awfully rainy here today, doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon either. I’m hoping it’s gone by tomorrow. Vacation is going good but i’ll be glad when i get back to my own bed instead of this air mattress on a fold out couch and am able to do my morning yoga and dance again…

    1. Thanks so much for the validation — I always wonder if I’ve ruined it when I make changes.
          We’ve had a lot of surprise thunderstorms and downpours. They keep saying “scattered thunderstorms” here and there, occasional. Occasional is fine it it’s when I’m not out. I much prefer the mantra they used to have: “No rain, except North and West of the City” and in New Jersey — nothing for New York City and Long Island. But now, more often, it’s everybody. I’m ashamed to admit it but I’m not for equality when it comes to rain. I only want it to rain over reservoirs and farms at the appropriate times and amounts. I used to think it was always safe here and only bad in New Jersey and upstate New York. When I was growing up, there were never ever such things as an earthquake or a tornado. Those were for exotic places. I remember being told that “don’t worry — there are never earthquakes or tornadoes in New York.” Well, in the last few years there have been many tornadoes in New Jersey and one in Queens New York, although minor. I actually felt a minor earthquake cat 5 that was centered in Canada a couple of years ago. There’s a fault line that runs down14th street out into Long Island that was active 100,000 years ago that they think maybe is overdue to act up again. I find it difficult to remember 100,000 years of history. And apparently, nothing was written down.

    2. Morning Yoga does seem a wonderful thing. I still haven’t started my meditation practice again. I don’t know why it was so easy to lose everything and so difficult to reach an altered state-of-consciousness again. I seem to have lost everything I learned. I’m still very puzzled why we can’t take ownership of the subconscious mind and it continues to work independently and I find it impossible to be it and incorporate it. It seems ridiculous to have to ask what a dream means when the dream writer is obviously part of us and belongs to us, and yet acts independently as if it were a different person. The dream playwright doesn’t consult with us when it writes its dream plays, but if it’s in our head, doesn’t it belong to us.

      1. Yeah, it’d be nice to be able to control where the rain and storms were at. I’m trying really hard right now! It finally stopped raining so hard and I told my son to come on, we’re going on a walk. Well he was playing a video game and didn’t want to stop and was kind of grumbling under his breath a little but he grudgingly came along. He and I walked down to the beach and I let him ‘accidentally’ get splashed by a big wave and once his shorts were wet I let him take off his shirt and get in. You should’ve seen the grin on his face. He ended up having a great time. On the way back I told him not to doubt my plans in the future because I had planned all along to let him “accidentally” go swimming at the beach and it was nice and relaxing, just him and I strolling along without the noise and excitement of the rest of the family. I got some good pictures too. But it kind of made me think about how you were talking about the subconscious mind. Maybe subconsciously we all have a plan – we just have to be willing to let it happen and stop fighting things every step of the way. It seems like everyone gets so caught up in everything going on that they forget to let themselves enjoy the little things. But I would love to be ale to take ownership of that subconscious part, it’s hard to imagine all the things we might maybe be able to do? I read somewhere that we only use like 10% of our brains. I hope that fault line doesn’t start acting up. We have one that runs along the edge of KY too. It had a small quake a few years ago and it woke me up in the middle of the night. I remember you wrote a poem once about that earthquake you felt…you were lying in your bed when it happened…

    3. Sounds like a wonderful walk. Yeah, I forget now but I remember I was trying to develop the vocabulary for Zawmb’yee for the psychology jargon of “mystification” — true intentions sometimes best left as mysteries. It is very odd that it’s impossible to speak the complete truth. “Can we meet for coffee at ___”, often means I’d like to get to know you(interrogate you to see if you’re a decent and safe person etc.), and then seduce you (many possible meanings)… But oddly enough, by way of feelings and instincts or intuitions, a substantial part of the mutual interrogation (tease and banter) is evaluated by the two person’s subconscious minds. Hmm, wow, the dueling of four minds between two people. But then, if the subconscious is full of mistaken notions and errors, it would seem like there’s no guarantee that any of that can be fixed unless we become aware of those ‘psychic typos’ and can correct the spells that haunt us. Hmm, maybe that’s like psychic fault lines with conflicts and contradictions like plates pushing up against each other until an earthquake relieves the pressure.

    4. Hmm, being is such a complicated thing. I’m thinking about how little girls nurture their dolls long before they nurture a real baby. Fantasy seems very important, and play seems very important. I know I’ve read about such concepts before but somehow I got lost in the jargon. I wonder if fantasy life takes up more time than actual life. I suppose when a dream comes true the two fuse. Difficult to imagine.

      1. It is difficult to imagine but easy to dream about it seems, Here’s to hoping that dreams come true eventually. I see what you mean about the not saying exactly what one means. Mystification is a good term. Geez, i’m too shy to even take the asking for coffee step. Looks like i’m in trouble…hehe.
        It’s still raining today. This storm is huge, it just goes on forever…hope it clears up for at least one more trip to the beach before we leave tomorrow. I think we’re going to try to entertain the kiddos at the movies for a bit.

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