Licit (Draft 5)

Licit (Draft 5)

Riding the day in dreams
brought thoughts of you

I came, away from the ups and downs.
The door was open in the night for me.
I saw you sing to the stars before I entered.

Your cat said meow and gave me away,
but in your startled look I thought I heard
ah-hummy-yummy sounds barely licit

In the day I know you had always
looked for a gaggle of feathered giggles
and nightly I had imagined I was a star
a celestial silly take on a gander
played by a guest dog star

A play to elide
the speech for a murmur

scene one to elicit joy songs:
jocular tenacity of affections

Act 2, scene X:

for the foxy-ness of you
I undressed from sheep’s clothing
and plunged into the silly seat of
a many mellowed roller coaster

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Licit (Draft 5)

  1. ooh…i love it!! I’ll be back later to leave a real comment. We’re about to leave for dinner at a place called Buster’s, i’m starving!

  2. This is great, i love it. I felt like i was blushing a little bit just reading your exciting words. I like the “sing to the stars” and “ah-hummy-yummy” and “celestial silly”. Actually i like the whole thing, it’s just some of the words together sound extra lovely like how you used ‘licit’ and ‘elicit’ and ‘elide’. I like that it is licit, too….good title. Oh, and I love the ending, Act 2 scene X, with the foxyness and your undressing. I’m sleepy, so I’m going to read through this one more time and hop into bed for the sweetest of dreams. Night!

    1. Thanks. I hope you enjoyed your dinner and had sweet dreams.
          A few spots were bothering me so I’m going to try another draft…

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