If I could be the torrent in the rain storm,
I’d wash all sorrow from your body with magic soap
thunder about injustice and then
love you

— Douglas Gilbert


4 thoughts on “Rainy

  1. Oh,i absolutely love this…it is beautiful…magic soap is probably what it would take to wash away the sorrows…or maybe just the perfect kiss.

    1. Thanks very much. I don’t know how those words stumbled out… and then they stopped. I don’t often write quick and short. Hmm, the Muse gave me that and then I was waiting for the next one but she never came back. She’s kinda fickle and she didn’t even give me a pickle…

      1. Well they are beautiful words so i’m glad they stumbled or maybe more appropriately danced out. I think that something so beautiful is graceful…i also think it’s neat that you used the words magic soap. I recently switched to a hemp lavender pure-castille soap and it’s cured my hand’s dry skin problem. They’re like new hands! But the soap is called Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap. I even carry a little travel size in my purse for when i’m out and about. Oh, and it’s also neat that you just used the word pickle because my son’s step cousin’s nickname is Pickle, they’re on vacation with us and I hear the word pickle about twenty times a day. So far the vacation is going good. We’re actually at Miramar beach which is right next to Destin. The water is beautiful and i’m pretty sure i saw one of your seagulls when we were swimming yesterday. Maybe it’s visiting some family or something…

    2. Thanks. Well, I think my seagulls came for the pickles and pastrami on rye bread, although they have difficulty eating it altogether — they just pick at it. I’m not sure if they like mustard. But I think that unlike the finches that they like potato chips and are not vegetarians and so don’t object to sardines to eat while they’re reading a good book about navigation…magic lavender sounds good. I might have seen Dr. Bronner standing on a soap box feeding seagulls, but I’m not sure. Yeah but if it cures dry skin it must be good. I’m glad you’re having a good time. Yeah, I think that beaches with puny names may not be as good as the actual ones — sort of like how Woodstock actually took place in Bethel Ny because they got rejected at the last minute by the town of Woodstock. So the Woodstock festival didn’t take place in Woodstock.

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