Dreams (Draft 1)


Where has she gone?

I knew her in my dreams, and
she often made appointments
though I awoke before I
could get an address
and I wasn’t sure if
I was kind enough or
just lost in savage lust, but

you know how dreams are wonderful
and I am so perfect there and
so are you

Aren’t we great.
I like to think so, because
when I dream of you
it seems so much like paradise that
I imagine it could be true

Oh but
could no one wake me

Oh let me imagine a sunrise
even if I’m in a cave

Beyond a snore
I am certain I could sing if
I could awaken

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Dreams (Draft 1)

  1. I love this…i like to imagine it could be true too..a little slice of paradise, for real, outside of dreams. Sometimes i think maybe i should just sleep forever – if i was promised only the sweetest of dreams (no nightmares), there’d really be no reason to wake i suppose. I like the lost in savage lust…very exciting. Oh, i’m going out of town this week. I’m leaving in the morning, we’re going with family on vacation to Destin Florida. It should be fun, i’m looking forward to it. I may even get to see fireworks on the beach since it is fourth of july week.

    1. Thanks. Sounds great — it should be fun. They must have good advertizing too — Destination Destin Destiny with fireworks. I hope you enjoy and relax and have fun.

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