Chicken Feed (Draft 1)

Chicken Feed (Draft 1)

I wonder if songbirds are grateful
for the sacrifice of the chickens that
lets them remain on their pedestal.

I suppose that creatures who
can sing do better than
those who merely peck at the ground.

Most chickens take the train to work
and in the Summer fry

Song birds primp and puff up their feathers
rest on tree branches before their next performance

But mostly they sing the words for their own species
and merely tease the others with a chronic melody

Seems odd that the chickens are martyrs
and the song birds of gibberish are stars

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Chicken Feed (Draft 1)

  1. This one turned out great too! Poor martyr chickens. I’d sing them a special song if i could speak their language correctly, perhaps I’ll just dance for them. You don’t have to understand the language to appreciate dance. hmmm…maybe I need to find a songbird that needs its own dancer.
    I bet the song birds are appreciative though, even if it’s just that they’re grateful that they weren’t born a chicken…
    Oh, my parents actually have real chickens. A bunch of them…i always name one of them. Last year the one I named was Nancy Butterbean…but something (we think coyotes) got a bunch of the chickens and got poor Nancy. This year I named my new one, Martha Kidneybean. hehe…They really are sweet though, they like to be held and they make delicious eggs…

    1. Thanks. The real “Nature” is a very sad thing. But many carnivores must eat meat and can’t survive on vegetables. I’ve never seen a Coyote go into a Heath Food store. But I’m not sure what they could recommend if he did. Maybe some amino acid protein extract. But then the Coyote would want it chicken flavored and demand that it came from actual chickens. I don’t think the Coyote would do well on soy beans or tofu. Well, I don’t know: maybe scrambled eggs and bacon. Oh poor pigs again. Hmm, scrambled eggs and tofu with artificial chicken flavor…

      1. Yeah, i’ve never seen a coyote in a health food store either…although the one I go to sometimes is just like a regular grocery store it just has more natural or organic selections. I doubt they would ever be able to go full on vegetarian but there is a nice butcher/meat area where i’m sure the coyotes would be able to find free range chickens and beef raised without antibiotics and growth hormones. Chicken flavored amino acid protein extract made me giggle…oh and I agree, i doubt the coyotes would like the soy beans or tofu – I know they don’t like chicken feet or feathers because that’s all that was left in my parent’s backyard…

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