By The Rules (Draft 1)

By The Rules (Draft 1)

I knew a young upper class talking cat
who went to a trés chic hospital
with all the most enlightened accommodations:

they had singers and musicians
comics, spiritual healers and
shamans of all kinds
chanters and meditators

But they had manuals
for what to do for every contingency

Despite all, the cat reported some anxiety

That’s when after consulting the manual,
they brought in the therapy dog

The healers all got bitten and scratched
but they prayed with ferocity

The cat went elsewhere for a face lift
and the the dog did stand-up comedy
in a club that bars all cats

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “By The Rules (Draft 1)

  1. Poor cat! This worked out quite nicely…umm well maybe not nicely for the cat’s anxiety. I suppose they should add an extension onto that section of the book that explains why therapy dogs might not be appropriate for all the patients. Maybe the healers deserved those scratches if they weren’t aware that each patients situation should be handled individually, case by case and depending on circumstances…Great poem.

    1. Thanks very much. I like how you got all the nuances. Maybe I’ll look for rhymes that might give me some ideas. I sort of wrote it prose staccato and I vacillate on whether I’m satisfied with it. But anyway, the meaning seems to have gone well.

      1. oooh, staccato and vacillate, exciting new words for me…i love it when you use words I don’t know and i have to look them up or at least double check what I think it means.

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