Lachrymose (Draft 2)

Lachrymose (Draft 2)

Hurrying away from a shiver
she made me feel so cold in insults,
frigid when I rested morose in a sulk

Lying on ice is a chilly bump.

I’m warm when I’m walking
though a storm is stalking, but if
I rest a moment I’ll be cold

Lachrymose skies hover
since she threw me out cold
without my umbrella or razor

A storm is stalking me in her name;
I have no umbrella for shame, no

it’s a shame she never knew me
never knew how poor I was
how rich

I gave her all the grandiose she wanted:
the sunrise, the sunset, the expensive flowers
but she could not embrace a pauper who
might write a frozen poem to be
intentionally defrosted and served
growing lachrymal joy and flowers afield

— Douglas Gilbert


4 thoughts on “Lachrymose (Draft 2)

    1. I think it sounds good with ‘she’ all the way through the poem. Remember, I’ll share my umbrella with you anytime. Oh and i also have some towels if you need to dry off and some blankets…i could help warm you.

  1. Oh guess what?! I heard the word lachrymose used in a movie. It made me think of your poem because it’s kind of rare to hear it so I thought I’d tell you about it. Anyway, in the movie Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events there’s a place called Lake Lachrymose and there’s lachrymose leeches too (yuck!).

    1. Wow, that’s super duper. I never thought I’d ever hear “lachrymose” in a planned context. I get really tired of tears like the Eskimos get tired of snow. I feel so much better when I have a place to let my face get wet because how could any sorrow be dry, any sadness be something that can not be redeemed, just because there is forgiveness in the sky just before the clouds form….

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