Synonym (Draft 1)


Linguists should stand erect, and
learn to dance or something, if
they can’t find a synonym for love

Maybe someone should put
a noise maker in the brain, so
we can hear it throb in joy
and call it endorphove, but

we definitely don’t want
a stroke of genius
just a back stroke of compassion
laid back in satisfaction together

How do I blank thee
don’t make me count the ways

I want a new word for you
because I want to say
more than the L-word
when a fuse of fondness
ignites a fireworks that works
like magic incantations that pop

— Douglas Gilbert


One thought on “Synonym (Draft 1)

  1. Yes, stand erect, linguists! Endorphove…that’s awesome and I like the way compassion and satisfaction sound together and “How do I blank thee don’t make me count the ways” made me giggle. I like the ending stanza a lot too with the way the words all dance along together with a pop at the end. Great poem, was nice to read first thing in the morning earlier with my coffee. I’ll be back in a little while to finish replying to the other comments…it’s kind of hectic around here this morning.

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