The Lures of Pollen (Draft 2)

The Lures of Pollen (Draft 2)

The distribution of pollen
is a glorious mandate
done through airs and trickery

The nectar and the sticky
no carrots and no sticks, but

there is a new kind of orchid
that doesn’t just
trap insects so they
brush on pollen, but this orchid

catches cats just for the fun of it,
toys with them and then this
orchid eats them for lunch
like a Venus Fly Trap, but it is
much stickier, much bigger — in fact,
some have grown the size of the “corpse flower”.

Yes, I have heard the “Symphony of Sneezes” and
the “Fog of Pollen Is More Yellow Than the Sun,”
but I’ve never heard Puccini’s “Missing Cats”
performed in public alas, so

be grateful that pollen is only up your nose,
and you’re not required to roll in it like
a cat does in catnip

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “The Lures of Pollen (Draft 2)

  1. I’d never heard of the corpse flower before. I looked it up and it said they can grow to 20 feet. That’s huge! I guess i’ve never seen one because they smell bad and that’s why no one plants them…wikipedia said their odor is how they got to be called corpse flower. A venus fly trap that eats cats? Scary…I suppose someone should put a sign up to warn the cats. It’s kind of ironic (is that the right term?) that the cats are the ones being toyed with by something for a change though, usually it’s the poor mouse or bird getting toyed with by the cats…
    I had some pollen up my nose earlier and probably some peat moss and mulch too. I’ve almost completed my flower bed. I need about 2 more bags of mulch and i’ll be done. I’m so excited to almost have it finished, i’ll have to put a picture up so you can see.

    1. Yes, thanks, exactly, that’s what I had in mind, but somehow even though I keep looking up the word “ironic” I still don’t seem to know what it means — I don’t know why I have such a blind spot about it even though I’ve seen it used many times. But yes, I just have a feeling that it applies. Some day, I’ll have to try again and maybe I should struggle and write my own definition and post it on the wall so I won’t forget or can keep reviewing it. I was going to tackle it now with a definition but I think it might deprive my stomach of blood that it needs for digestion [inside joke from another comment]. I think my stomach needs an epic poem with lots of protein and muscle. Hmm, maybe the cows can love continuously because they have two stomachs. [well, yeah, this is incredablely weird without the context. Oh well, things are interesting out of order if joy can wander just out of curiosity and land anywhere it wants and somehow know how to spell.

      1. (giggling) Yeah, it does sound kind of weird without the context but luckily i know what you’re talking about. I’d try to cook you an epic poem but unfortunately i usually only seem to come up with appetizer or dessert type poems…sometimes they’re even more reminiscent of an after dinner mint. Speaking of mints, I’ve been stuck on altoids ever since i quit smoking over a year ago but i’ve been branching out and being adventurous lately by trying out new brands. On my new pack of mints (Newman’s Own is the brand) there is a white ram. I never knew that rams were associated with having fresh breath, but apparently they are, maybe they like to eat mint leaves or something? I don’t think they have two stomachs like cows do though. Mint is easy to grow, i have a bunch of chocolate mint plants that have spread in the back yard so it would make sense if there was a lot of mint growing up the side of a mountain or wherever rams like to find their food…

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