Lachrymose (Draft 1)

Lachrymose (Draft 1)

Hurrying away from a shiver
she made me feel so cold in insults,
frigid when I rested morose in a sulk

Lying on ice is a chilly bump.

I’m warm when I’m walking
though a storm is stalking, but if
I rest a moment I’ll be cold

Lachrymose skies hover
since you threw me out cold
without my umbrella or razor

A storm is stalking me in your name;
I have no umbrella for shame, no

it’s a shame you never knew me
never knew how poor I was
how rich

I gave you all the grandiose you wanted:
the sunrise, the sunset, the expensive flowers
but you could not embrace a pauper who
might write a frozen poem to be
intentionally defrosted and served
growing lachrymal joy and flowers afield

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Lachrymose (Draft 1)

  1. Quick! Over here! (jumps up and down and waves frantically) I’d share my umbrella with you…
    Sad poem but good as always…i had to look up the word lachrymose. I liked the frozen poem part at the end, i think i liked the idea of something being made to be intentionally defrosted. Oh i noticed one thing, in the beginning you used ‘she’ and in the rest of the poem you used ‘you’, is that intentional? Well anyways, i can’t imagine anyone wanting to throw you out. She was lucky to have someone who loved her and actually wanted to be with her.

    1. Oh yes indeed, I had such a joyful laugh reading your comment and I could picture it vividly and I could hear you, “Quick, over here,” and could see you waving.
          Oh yeah that’s right; I kept changing point-of-view and forgot to choose one: ‘she’ or ‘you’.
          I’ve been thinking about how they say that “tears, love, and heart” are overused but it’s difficult to think of alternates or some new grand metaphor that the Shakespeare lovers could embrace as acceptable. Am I missing something or is it odd that there isn’t a synonym for the word “love” and that the rapid heartbeat during sex does not really make the heart the focus of anything profound just because it’s the only organ we can feel and hear. Maybe someone should put a noise maker in the brain so they could say that their brain is throbbing with a pulse of “X24–ecstasy attribute 5. endorphin 7” instead of heartache, heartthrob… hmm, linguists should stand erect and learn to dance or something.

      1. Yeah, tears, love and heart are overused. I know we’ve talked about it before, how the eskimos have so many words for snow and how we should have more words for something as important as love. Yeah i guess sex must be how someone first must’ve attributed the heart to love. But that’s back when people only had sex with someone they actually loved. These days a lot of people seem to just do it with who ever is willing, (no love even involved). Personally my belly ties up in knots anytime i even think about love. Maybe stomachs should represent love as well. I could hear the conversation between two best friends already…”yeah, it was a wonderful date and when he kissed me and i felt like i was going to vomit, i knew he was the one…(romantic sigh).” giggling…i’m kidding, kind of.
        The brain noisemaker is a good idea. Maybe i could teach a linguist to dance or at least dance for a linguist…

    2. Yes, I’ve heard how the stomach gets involved in all kinds of emotional drama. It does seem an odd thing that the body is so lacking in sufficient resources for the most important dramas. In emergencies the blood is diverted away from the stomach to the brain and muscles. Geez, why doesn’t it have enough resources for everything? But then, there is a primitive misinterpretation about what an “emergency” is. With any even minor anxiety,somehow, the body says we have to do a triage and decide which organs should get the blood supply and which should be left to grumble. I don’t know why nature does not have a design where you can fight, love, or play tennis and still digest food. It is an odd thing that the stomach has a very low priority whenever any stress comes up — it’s always, this is no time for digestion when there are emergencies to be contended with. Hmm, that’s interesting, the body thinks Love is an emergency. Well, yeah, I guess so, or a priority. Yeah,OK, but can’t we just love love and love food at the same time and run naked through the streets, hand in hand, shouting “Eureka!”? Apparently not — seems the body is too fragile and disorganized to be spiritually super-charged…

      1. hmm, well emergency or priority they’re both pretty important and i guess the stomach just takes a back seat to such importance. I wonder if that’s why some people get sick on roller coasters, because it feels like an emergency. I think loving love and loving food together is a good thing and i suppose running through the streets naked would be good too, unless a policeman saw and then there’d probably be an arrest and fines to pay and i’m betting that would cause a whole new batch of stomach problems. Spiritually super-charged sounds good though, that’s what i’m going to order if it’s on the menu. Eureka! hehe….

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