Wrecking Waves (Draft 2)

Wrecking Waves (Draft 2)

Melancholy waves I
endure for the current state, but

a past can not sigh on static shores
because the wrecking throb is
pumping sorrow blood
that feeds lachrymal eyes

Sorrow ocean is too vast to carry my breath upon your cheek
across the breadth and depth of shipwrecking currents

In the current state I do not know
where you are floating, don’t know
if your ship is patched with a love
that seals every leak

I imagine if you cry for me, tears
will not sink your ship, because

they will be overboard prayers
like rain the seagulls hear
and they will tell me where you are

Surely, I will speak to them
will bring you wings, and
we will cry out to you:
come ashore

— Douglas Gilbert

3 thoughts on “Wrecking Waves (Draft 2)

  1. I love it, it’s beautiful. I like the new additions and changes. Adding the ‘a’ in before ‘love’ makes it seem more specific or something along those lines. Like it’s not just any love but a certain type of important love. I like the ‘overboard prayers’ and ‘like rain the seagulls hear’. I also love the new ending with the ‘will bring you wings’. How exciting! But shouldn’t wings come with flying lessons? I have a fear of falling and even if the ocean were to catch me, i’m not sure i could make it all the way to shore even if i am a good swimmer…

    1. Thanks. Well, yeah, sometimes the seagull language loses something in translation. I think they meant to say, “We will bring you a helicopter.” I don’t think they yet have a word for helicopter in the seagull language. Yeah, I think they meant to say something like, “we’ll bring you a rescue pilot with either a fixed wing plane or a helicopter and he’ll teach you how to fly at a later date…” The seagulls are working on their metaphors… and air rescue skills. When it comes to notification they’re not quite yet as good as Lassie.

      1. Ohhh…i guess that does make more sense. I’ve never ridden in a helicopter before, but it looks pretty exciting. They had helicopter rides at an event downtown that would fly you around the city but it was something like $60.00 a person…
        I was picturing one of those old flying machines where there was wings that strapped on somehow. I imagine those would be very complicated (and maybe unsafe?). I think they’re doing a wonderful job though…they’re the best seagulls!

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