Milking the Moo Grass (Draft 2)

Milking the Moo Grass [Moo Grass is Green (Draft 2)]

The meadow is green with esteem,
the shepherds sheepish to laugh although
the grazing sheep, the knowing cows, and
the stampede of children in the joyful fields, does

yield a deep moo guffaw in the blue giggle grass
where lovers’ ruminations are wildly wise, gourmet
and they take their hugs indoors where tenderness
makes a warm day fruitful enough for after prayers

Oh yes indeed, all is well when knowingly
the cows come to walk beyond the pews
to stand tall in the chorus under the stained glass
singing, “Praise the giggle grass and the long chew.
Hallelujah we have churned the corner to
times of butter, cream, and honey

The landscape of the shepherd is gentle;
amen and pass the ice cream:
cherry please

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Milking the Moo Grass (Draft 2)

  1. Nice work…it’s like it’s getting all polished up. I like the addition of ‘yield’, it sounds nice with the ‘fields’ and i like that the giggle grass is blue. I’m feeling a little blue myself, maybe I need some giggle grass. The ‘wildy wise’ sounds nice together too and the word ‘tenderness’ works better i think since ’embraces’ are pretty much the same thing as hugs. I don’t think i mentioned it in my first comment but I love the lines “Hallelujah we have churned the corner to times of butter, cream, and honey” Churned the corner sounds really original and ya know…I do love the honey.

    1. Thanks very much. I so much enjoy your affirmation and confirmation of things: it lets me have the courage to just start something that I have a lot of doubts about, and arrogantly assume I can fix things I’m not happy with…. but I think I’m developing some idea about how to project a “stage whisper” which is something that sounds like a whisper but which the audience in the back can hear. I’m not sure if I’ve made the analogy clear. But I truly want to be able to brag and be humble at the same time… I don’t know if that makes any sense. It’s sort of like persons who are incredibly dull trying to learn to be a stand-up comics — they have to find a way to make their awkwardness be humorous but subtly reveal enough self-knowledge so that the audience is not uncomfortable in laughing because they know that they will not be actually hurt. Hmm, I guess I’m assuming that most of an audience is kind despite the hecklers being so visible…(hmm, that’s an interesting question: what are hecklers so angry about…) Well, OK, I got lost again, but I do like to talk (although anyone who has met me in person would never know that).

      1. You’re welcome, i’m glad to help build up your courage. hmmm…humble and bragging at the same time…i suppose you’d have to be able to brag without coming off as bragging. A subtle bragging that piques interest and makes the other person think…yeah hecklers are no good, probably just a low self esteem issue of some sort.
        Maybe you’re just picky about who you talk to? I like to talk too but not to everyone. I mean, i’m good at making pleasant small talk and i enjoy it but there’s only a few people in my life that i really talk to. You’re one of them – lucky you! hehe…that was supposed to be a little sarcastic because i can go on forever about not too much. Sarcasm is hard to pull off with typed conversations sometimes. I need to go jump in the shower really quick and get ready for work.

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