Moo Grass Is Green (Draft 1)

Moo Grass Is Green (Draft 1)

The meadow is green with esteem,
the shepherds sheepish to laugh although
the grazing sheep, the cows, and
the stampede of children in the fields
is a deep moo guffaw in the giggle grass
where lovers’ ruminations are wise but wild
and they take their hugs indoors where embraces
make warm days fruitful enough for an after prayer

Oh yes indeed, all is well when
the cows come to walk beyond the pews
to stand tall in the chorus under the stained glass
singing, “Praise the giggle grass and the long chew.
hallelujah we have churned the corner to
times of butter, cream, and honey

The landscape of the shepherd is gentle;
amen and pass the ice cream:
cherry please

— Douglas Gilbert

3 thoughts on “Moo Grass Is Green (Draft 1)

  1. Holy cow! This is great – If my backyard was bigger I’d adopt one of them and we could practice singing together. Cows singing in the chorus…how cute. I like the “shepherds sheepish to laugh” it seems odd to call a shepherd sheepish but it works perfectly here. I also like the ending with “the landscape of the shepherd is gentle” oh, and i love that it ended with the ice cream and the cherry…

    1. Oh yes, thanks, I’m so glad you can chatter freely and creatively, because it gives me ideas and you inspire new poems. Yes, thanks, it often gives me the courage to start on something and then usually I can revise and be surprised by myself. Oh yes, isn’t conversation a wonderful thing if it can be in the slow motion of ____ … hmm, I lost my thought, but anyway, I’ll have time to think about it — yeah, doesn’t this put the lie to how silly “first impressions are” — geez, I wonder how many could have waited for me to finish a sentence if they only knew that I was the slow motion KIng of expression — forgive me, I’m working on arrogance because I think it’s the only thing that sells. The seagulls are giving me bragging lessons….

      1. Well King, your slow motion style is fine with me, besides, some of the best things in life aren’t of the instant gratification variety. umm, i’m getting tired, i hope that made sense…i bet you know what i meant though – i should probably just go lay down and watch some TV til i fall asleep or something.

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