Wrecking Waves (draft 1)

Wrecking Waves

Melancholy waves I
endure for the current state, but

a past can not sigh on static shores
because the wrecking throb is
pumping sorrow blood
that feeds lachrymal eyes

Sorrow ocean is too vast to carry my breath upon your cheek
across the breadth and depth of shipwrecking currents

In the current state I do not know
where you are floating
if your ship is patched with love
that seals every leak

I imagine if you cry for me
it will not sink your ship
because you will drip those drops
overboard with a prayer the seagulls will hear
and they will tell me where you are

Truly I speak to them
and we are coming

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Wrecking Waves (draft 1)

  1. I love it. I know those melancholy waves…i like the word lachrymal, (i had to look it up). I like that the ship is patched with love and that the seagulls heard the prayers and help with the search – oh and i love the last two lines and how it ends with hopeful anticipation.

    1. Thanks. Holy cow, that was a fast response. I’m glad you found this post. Now I see there’s an unformatted post too. I don’t know how i did that. I stepped away for a second. I must have forgotten I posted immediately a while ago or something. but anyway I/m glad that this response poem seems to have worked.

      1. The “holy cow” made me giggle…i wonder if that cow goes to church? Do you have it posted twice? I just saw in the reader a newer version but then i tried to click on it and it said page not found…hmm…Well anyways, i like it, it’s a great response poem…very lovely.

    2. Thanks. I don’t know when or how but apparently I posted a plain black text, but since the purple one is here I erased it. Yeah, the people love it when the cow goes to church because I’ve heard that after a prayer they milk it for a breakfast snack and they’ve been able to integrate it into the choir with a gospel bass moo and they all sing, “Oh holy moo we praise the milk the grass of the pasture has given us; may our ruminations be wise. ” Hmm, that might be interesting for some meadow poem or… “Oh people, let me hear you say, ‘praise the giggle grass and the long chew…” Amen and pass the ice cream…

      1. (giggling) The cow’s moo would make a nice addition in the choir but i’ve heard that they trouble remembering the words to songs sometimes. I have trouble remembering things too sometimes. Maybe a few memory exercises would come in handy? mmm, ice cream. I bought some vanilla fudge swirl last time i was at the grocery…

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