Half Full (Draft 1)

Half Full (Draft 1)

When the glass is half full
and not half empty
that is a pretty bad thing
when I knock it over

Unless I’m a conceptual artist
who can sell my photos of the spill
it’s not really that pretty, unless, of course
it was poison

— Douglas Gilbert


4 thoughts on “Half Full (Draft 1)

  1. Very cleverly written, it’s like a riddle almost. I’d say if it was half full of poison, then it’s a very good thing that it was knocked over…

    1. Thanks. Yes, it’s a good thing. I think I’ve see a few comedies where that happens and the very mild and stereotypical villain is very annoyed with the profuse apology of the would-be victim — and tries to say, “No, no, don’t worry about the mess, I’ll get you more.” But victim is too embarrassed and leaves feeling humiliated. It’s interesting how perceptions can be so wrong.

      1. I think i may have seen something similar to that on an old cartoon at some point. Well in any case, humiliated or not, I suppose the spill is a good thing since no poisoning actually happened. I suppose perceptions can be different depending on where your view is coming from, huh? I read something on the word villain this morning from a link that came up on my facebook news feed…ok i went and found it: “Villain” might be a loaded word today, but centuries ago, it meant nothing but “a household servant, one attached to the villa” (“villa” meaning “country house” in Spanish). It has the same root as the word “villager,” and back then it was exactly as inoffensive.” Neato huh? Well in any case I’m not a villain and i don’t think you’re a villain (unless you’re just one who is attached to the villa.) hehe…

    2. Yeah, that’s really neat how things evolve beyond recognition and sometimes even opposite to the original. I suppose that in every age sarcasm totally changes everything whenever there is a secret undercurrent to the prevailing propaganda of the age. Yeah right means not believable and so actually wrong,wrong, wrong. Hmm, I suppose at one time the villagers were disturbing the elites so much that their servants wanted to rebel and if the elites had control of all the literature then that was a bad thing from their point-of-view.

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