Fish Watching the Paint Dry (Draft 1)

Fish Watching the Paint Dry (Draft 1)

Too long the fish have watched
the decrepit peeling walls
from their tank barely maintained, but

the turret tanks have left in retreat
and the rebels have won

Time to paint the walls to
celebrate color in the cheeky walls
where the fishys don’t mind if I move them
now that the power is back on

Though soaked in fish water and paint
I can brush victory colors on the wall, and
now finally take my long hot shower, soapy
in soothing melodrama upon the
skin of fantasy and the caress of peace, but

they can not go back to the tropics
anymore than I could go to the North Pole
to mourn the memories frozen in agony

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Fish Watching the Paint Dry (Draft 1)

  1. Nice…I think my fish are enjoying the new “Heavy Cream” colored wall that the tank stands against. I like the “skin of fantasy and the caress of peace”. It kind of reminds me of earlier today – I laid out on the deck in my bikini for a little while just loving the way the wind brushed across my stomach and the birds sung so beautifully, all was peaceful and good…

    1. Thanks. Yes that sounds wonderful: the brush of the wind and the peaceful song of the birds. I walked down the streets of private houses this morning. I’m glad to see that every house is of a different design and on the blocks with old houses there are lots of trees. But the houses are very close together — some of the fronts are something like four feet apart at the adjoining edges, but some have nice backyards. But anyway, despite that, and even though the trees so far have tiny tiny buds, the birds were very noisy and joyful — I heard many very loud calls and songs. And I was able to spot a few individual birds that had multiple calls. As I walked I heard many conversations — the birds were very chatty;the people not so much — they were very busy getting to work or school… Oh and I came across an extremely loud bird conversation and I saw why: a cat was trying to climb a tree and catch a bird. Then I came across another dense conversation and saw many squirrels running through the trees — I think there was lots for the birds to gossip about.

      1. Those houses are very close together. I’m guessing that there’s probably about 10-15 feet between my house and the one next door. Our street is only 3 years old, it’s a new addition to an older street but the next block over is in the historic district and there’s a lot of really cool old houses. I always love the architecture, the wood work and all the special details they put in the old houses. Yeah I bet birds have all sorts of juicy bird-gossip but I bet they also discuss things like which feeders have the best bird food and where the closest local bird baths are. Today i had a Blue Jay in the sycamore tree behind my yard fussing at me because he didn’t want to come to the feeder while I was laying on the deck. The other birds didn’t seem to mind though. The other day the feeder was empty and there was two doves just laying on the top of the deck railing looking in my back door like “Hey, what happened to the food?”. Petals goes nuts barking whenever she sees cats, i think she’s trying to warn the birds at the feeder.
        I’ve got a sore throat and a bit of a fever so my boss has found someone to cover my shift tomorrow at work, going to head off to bed, hopefully i feel better in the morning.

    2. Oh poor Blue Jay. Maybe he doesn’t want his Blue Jayess to think he’s fooling around with another woman. Maybe she says, why can’t you forage for natural seeds, insects, and worms and not ask humans for cardinal knowledge. And she tells him it’s dangerous to fraternize with humans who after all have no feathers.
          Sorry about your sore throat. Hope it’s just that you’ve been singing too much and not that you’ve picked up some germ. Maybe Mrs. Blue Jay will come with an apology and an herb offering that will scare away cats and insects. I’m not sure you can expect chicken soup, but I think they would mean well if they bring worm soup. But I think that a polite thank you will suffice as you carefully bring it inside. And they will appreciate the bird seed in exchange. It’s the birdbrain thought that counts.

      1. hmm…i didn’t look at it that way, maybe Mrs Blue Jay was all upset and made a big deal over nothing? I bet she does feel bad and feels apologetic but she must’ve been hurt pretty badly in the past to get upset so easily. Maybe I should put some candles out by the feeder and Mr and Mrs Blue Jay can have a romantic birdseed dinner and a bath together.
        I actually did eat some chicken noodle soup (with no worms) at lunch. My throat still hurts and I wish it was from singing but i’m afraid it is a germ. I feel tired and worn out (probably from the fever) I haven’t really accomplished much of anything today but i’m gonna go cook some dinner in a bit…

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