Planting (Draft 0)

Planting (Draft 0)

I’m not very adept at growing things, but
there is a secret that I like colors
and sometimes the flowers that I
would give away I would
have preferred to keep for myself

But still, I can watch you appreciate
things that blossom even though
I could never figure out how
to plant a seed because
I am mostly horn and not petal
mostly a rhinoceros

— Douglas Gilbert

6 thoughts on “Planting (Draft 0)

  1. Well, i like Rhinos…and I’m pretty sure they like me. Did I ever tell you that my dog’s name is Petals? She doesn’t look much like a flower though, she looks mostly like a cow (white with black splotches).

    1. Thanks. Hmm, no, I didn’t know that. Yeah, that’s a nice name for a dog — Petals: seems she would have a pretty canine heart and if she were named “Cow” I think it would be difficult calling her: “Come Cow, here Cow, sit Cow” I don’t think that would work very well. Calling out to Petals sounds nice, and oh yes — petting petals sounds magical.

      1. Yeah, i think Petals is a nice name for a pet too…she was my son’s 6th birthday present and he picked a collar for her that had flowers on it because he said “was as pretty as a flower”. He was wanting to name her flowers or something like that but I told him it reminded me of the skunk from the Bambi movie, so we were listing other flowery-type words and I suggested Petals. He loved it and she’s been Petals ever since…Yeah, Cow would be kind of awkward…it would be kinda funny if she got loose and I was running through the neighborhood yelling “Cow!” (giggling)

    2. Sweet child to want his pretty girls to be like flowers.
          It’s an odd thing about the media and movies: There are a few girls named “Bambi” and somehow they usually seem like deer in the headlights — a little naïve and from the flower children of the 1960’s. Hmm, a few names have lasted: Rose, Daisy, but I don’t think there are any rock stars or movie stars named Chrysanthemum or Marigold. But then, there was that famous Spanish Explorer whose name was cowhead or Cabeza de Vaca — I forgot what he discovered but never understood how those names came about.

      1. He really is so sweet. Yesterday he graduated from fifth grade. I was rushing around trying to get ready and I said something like “I’m going to go get cleaned up and beautiful really quick” and he said “Mom, you’re already beautiful” just as serious and sweet as can be…(of course I was actually a mess, hadn’t even really fixed my hair or anything yet). He’s always saying sweet little things like that…
        Yeah they do always make the Bambi characters seem naive and kind of ditzy. They have something here called the Bambi Walk. I’ve never done it but you’re supposed to walk down Bardstown Road through the highlands and stop at every bar and have a drink? I think that’s how it works, there’s a lot of bars on that road too but it starts at a bar called the bambi bar which is where I suppose it got it’s name. I don’t think I’d make it very far…i get tipsy pretty quickly these days, not much of a tolerance at all.
        Speaking of Marigolds, I just planted some in my front flower bed and in some pots on the back deck. Mosquitos don’t like the way the smell or something and they’re supposed to keep them away. I think it actually works because last year I had them planted and I didn’t have a mosquito problem. The lady across the street was complaining all the time about them though and was even outside spraying pesticides on her yard to try to control them.

    3. Yeah, they’re always trying to make up these crazy folklore quasi traditions and stuff.
          I remember they once had “Ladies Night” at a local bar where drinks were free for women. I took my younger brother to the bar and wanted to show him “how to pick up women” even though I knew nothing about it… But anyway, I’m trying to be very brave for him even though I’m afraid to talk. So we’re sitting at a table and I’m thinking he’s a young handsome man and he’ll do something on his own… and I’m waiting and waiting and there are beautiful women at the bar and he’s doing nothing. So I say you have to talk and I go over and talk and so to demonstrate even though I have no idea what I’m doing I invite two women to our table to talk, We talk a while and they go to the bar and get free drinks which they don’t drink and they keep bringing more… then the manager comes over and says, “You have a hell of a nerve to come here and not pay for any drinks.” So I get up and buy more drinks. So I got more and more drunk and I don’t remember the rest.
          All these stupid gimmicks and ‘traditions’ are dangerous. I mean, I didn’t bring the women with me as a conspiracy to avoid paying for drinks. I was just barely coping with trying to make conversation in a way that was totally out of my league and ability and they’re bringing more and more drinks… but drinking really wasn’t the point of what I was trying to do… Geez, I would have given the manager money for drinks and said keep the drinks and keep the change and go away — I’m having a conversation or maybe I’m being seduced and that’s fine. But I was oblivious to the dynamics of it all.
          Gee, I should have gone outside and met Bambi on her walk and said, “you don’t have to do this — let’s go for coffee.”

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