I Want My Thousand Words

I Want My Thousand Words

Maybe I should have met her
on every cherished thought I had

but nocturnal words are fickle
and u don’t know how much i tried

oh don’t scold me if I tell u others
of the old words that defy

Look up,
look it up:
those lucubrations

where I studied romance,
but feared to speak out loud
lest a candle be blown out
on a cherished doubtful notion

Maybe I could have known her
with every cherished thought I had

Devotions in motion maybe
are not a type face. I’m
looking it up.

Sometimes she’s in a digital box,
but now I imagine:

Looking up to the sky
she’s running wild style
climbing adventurous trees

Those wild trees uproot themselves
just to make a statement
even if they fall short of running
but, of course, it’s not recommended

Yes, trees can branch
that’s their slow motion adventure
when they must wait for seed carriers
that bear their fruit

Maybe she’ll come down
for our favorite wine
and a dithyramb
about ecstasy
and leafy love

I have seen her dither,
climb a tree in bloom
speak with flirty birds
and have a word with me
that is a subtle twitter bark
surrounding like a hug wood
a play with banter-word chirps

But wilder is better because
even in flighty tedium whims
she knows the prolix eagles
who extend their wings
and cry for hours when
she speaks their language

With a waiting twiddle I wanted much
to touch her since then, and
there is a flourish in melody
that accompanies the twaddle
of the giddy blooming of me
I hear when I think
of her as branching music
reaching for the sky

I know she’s reading
between tweets
sneaking a look at
longer things like me
world famous innuendo

Hello, I can see you dear and
I have words to sing.
Step away from the box screen
and meet me in the forest;
there’s a long body
of conversation
of pleasure

I want my thousand words,
don’t want to abbreviate you
or shorten the picture

I don’t see you
as a u or pic, and
I’m so sorry u
were picked on

I will file a brief
in the highest court for
je ne sais quoi appeals, and
run rampant on ramparts of verbosity
because at least prolixity has a tongue
a lingua frank and a lingua true
not politically corrected scrub
but where I could be a tree
and you could be a bush
in the metaphor field
away from the digital box
and on to lots

short enough for ya’
u,… Oh, I would ask
your real name, but
I forgot mine

Maybe if I’ve lost my mind,
all these palpitations I have known
will be smoothed by mellifluous U when
your dear ear is on my flighty heart, and
frenzied eagles clap their wings

— Douglas Gilbert


7 thoughts on “I Want My Thousand Words

  1. It’s a beautiful poem, I love it and think that all of the new additions have perfected it. Parts of this poem have a very deep sacred feeling…I was getting that teary eyed feeling again as I read. I’m not sure why i do that sometimes. I must be hyper emotional lately or something or maybe your beautiful words touch me in the untouchable places (if that makes any sense)? I love the way “cherished doubtful notion” sounds with “Devotions in motion”. It has a nice ring to it. Oh and I love the new ending lines. The word mellifluous is nice, and I love the “your dear ear is on my flighty heart” and “frenzied eagles clap their wings” is a great finishing line…

    1. That’s great feedback, and I don’t think you’re hyper emotional except in a good way because I was thinking that I was very unsatisfied with the last draft because I didn’t think it was emotional enough and so I wanted to do something to make it more emotional. Apparently I succeeded and you’re the first happy victim, um, uh, I mean like a sad song. In the last draft I was wondering why there was an emotional component that was lacking and somewhere in thinking about what is emotional I thought of Willie Nelson’s song “You Were Always On My Mind.” So I thought of the ‘maybe’-meditation. Some of the difficult words have interesting origins which give clues about what metaphors to use — it’s an odd drifting process. “Prolix” is interesting because it comes from “extended” and “flow”. So even though it’s evolved into “tedious” and “wordy”, some things that seem tedious and extended like the eagle’s wings can become beautiful even if it takes a long time to watch in slow motion like the branching tree. Oh and it was very convenient to find the idea of “frenzy” from “dithyramb”… so odd words and odd combinations can become lucky tears.

      1. Happy Victim (giggling)…Well I think you definitely succeeded. Yeah, that Willie Nelson song is a good one. Now that you said that and I go back and read, I can see how it inspired the Maybe lines. Prolix is a nice word, i’d never heard it before your poem but it works perfectly. I think the eagle’s wings are beautiful all the time though, just like you and your poetry.

    2. Thanks very much. I suppose it’s odd that I’ve never actually seen an eagle except on TV. But probably, eagles haven’t actually seen me either, although I imagine after the seagulls alluded to my work that they have had an occasion to read what I’ve written about them. But I’m perfectly open minded enough to allow an eagle to have a critical comment as long as the English version is polite enough to post. I can’t say anything about the Avian Blog with its purported chirpy curses, but I understand that every language has its taboo words, though I would imagine with the high pitch tone and nuance that an avian curse would sound musical to us — so let the eagles cry their secret complaints, and we will try to do better even if we have no idea what they’re saying.

      1. Really, you’ve never seen an eagle? hmm..well they are very beautiful and they’re BIG! Much bigger than they look in pictures. I’ve only seen them at the zoo (i suppose they’ve only seen me at the zoo too unless they sneak around hiding behind things looking at unaware people…hehe). But our local zoo has a pair of Bald Eagles and a pair of Sea Eagles. They always look sad though. I’m sure they aren’t happy being confined like they are…I’d rescue them if i could but i doubt they’d like living in my backyard or garage. I bet the seagulls have told the Eagles all about you making them famous with your camera, the eagles are probably just politely waiting for their moment in the spotlight. I bet Avian curses would still sound like a song. We’d be like “Oh, listen to that pretty song!” When in all actuality they are cussing us out for being too close to their nest or something like the momma Robins were…I saw two different Robin nests with little bitty babies yesterday at my parent’s house…oh and my parents got some more baby egg laying chickens. They are so cute…

    3. Oh yes, I think some of the entrepreneur Eagles have a Mothers’ Day company that supplies gourmet worms dipped in chocolate for young robins to bring to their Mothers even if they’ve been thrown out of the nest, years ago. I think they just sort of drop it off anonymously but I think as the adolescents are leaving, the Mothers hear them singing and recognize their voices and songs and think even in their modest brains: go forth and sing for the world, my cherub, for I have given you my best to take wing and fly away with the sound of joy….

      1. What a sweet, thoughtful gift! I bet the Robin loves the chocolate covered worms from her darling little ones…I have always pictured Momma Robins to be poetic, sentimental and loving for some reason. That’s pretty smart of the Eagles too…

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