I Want My Thousand Words (Draft 1)

I Want My Thousand Words (Draft 1)

Look up,
look it up.

Can you come down?
I have our favorite wine
and a dithyramb

I have seen you dither,
climb a tree in bloom
speak with flirty birds
and have a word with me
that is a subtle twitter bark
surrounding like a hug wood
a play with banter-word chirps

With such twiddle I wanted much
to touch you since then, and
there is a flourish in melody
that accompanies the twaddle
of the giddy blooming of me
I hear when I think of you as music

I want my thousand words,
don’t want to abbreviate you
or shorten the picture

I don’t see you
as a u or pic, and
I’m so sorry u
were picked on

I will file a brief
in the highest court for
je ne sais quoi appeals, and
run rampant on ramparts of verbosity
because at least prolixity has a tongue
a lingua frank and a lingua true
not politically corrected scrub

— Douglas Gilbert


8 thoughts on “I Want My Thousand Words (Draft 1)

  1. Love it! It has a bit of a playful feel to it that made me smile as I was reading. I like our favorite wine and the dithyramb, (i had to look it up). I also liked the “banter-word chirps” and the twiddle and twaddle, oh and the giddy blooming. “je ne sais quoi appeals” is great too…nice work.

    1. Thanks very much. This has been the weirdest thing to stumble around, find new words, look them up, use them and seem to get the appropriateness and say to myself, aha that fits, and then after I know it’s right, forget what it means and have to look it up again. Oh gee, it’s like a messenger who sneaks a peek at the message he’s supposed to deliver and is not meant to understand and then carefully refolding and resealing it for delivery. Oh gee, I see, a paper dictionary is a dangerous thing because you can glance at superfluous words that occur at a glance…

      1. Well it’s working out nicely for your writings. Your careful refolding reminded me of origami. Perhaps this could be origami poetry? Although if you wrote it, then you’re not just the messenger passing along a message, you’d also be the message-maker (ha! I didn’t know what the correct term would be). I like when I read your poems and have to look words up, it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something because I’ve learned something new. I suppose that even if i forget what it means, then i still have the accomplished feeling for a little while at least. I’ve always liked paper dictionaries, they make it nice & easy when looking for words that have the same beginning sounds.

      2. Messagineer? Messagerator? Messagemixer? Message-chef? hmm…still trying to think of a term better than message maker. (ha!) Or maybe one who is skilled at figuring out what messages mean could be called a Messagematician? Oh well, i guess it doesn’t really matter since I’m just being silly and playing with words. It’s probably something that sounds more serious like Message Composer or Message Author…

    2. Thanks. That’s interesting. The origami birds, like paper planes don’t fly very far. Well, it’s best not to be like the original runner to the ancient Greek city of Marathon to give the KIng the message that a battle had been won and then collapse and die( the message runners in those days were not trained for 26.2 miles especially after observing a bloody battle and running to give the news before they could catch their breath. hmm, maybe we should go back to message runners (everybody wants exercise) except that they’d be allowed to take a break along the way to chat with birds and their friends, maybe take a nap and never arrive… Oh, I guess that wouldn’t be much of a service except that It would make the KIng wonder, “Did we win the battle”, and maybe the court jester could perform a little longer….

      1. Message runners huh? Sounds like a good idea to me. Everyone does need more exercise. But yeah, 26 miles is a VERY long way to run. I’m not sure I could handle that. I mean I’m in pretty good shape but that is a crazy far way to run. That’s why message runners should have a grand celebration thrown in their honor to reward them for being amazing after they deliver their messages. Yeah, that sounds good…there could be music, good food, dancing and everyone will be happy.

    3. Hmm, I’m pretty sure I just posted “Draft 2” but I don’t see it. Well I’ll post it again — I hope it’s not a duplicate. I’ll refresh the screen or scream and the try again. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeez, good thing I saved it. Oh Phooooey, I hate when they make me proclaim myself several times. I just wanted to quietly sneak in my new post without having to say, “Yes, I want this, this is my post, yes and please put it up and blah….” I want to post in my sleep so I can pretend I didn’t do it arduously but by accident with plausible deniability.

      1. hmm…I looked and I don’t see two of the draft 2’s posted. Just one. Maybe wordpress thought it was delicious and didn’t want to share, just wanted one all to itself or something?
        That’s happened to me a couple times on here and I couldn’t figure out where it went and then later on I found it in the saved drafts section. I must’ve clicked the wrong button or something and not realized it.

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