Aftermath (Draft 2)

Aftermath (Draft 2)

Stormy days
things washed away
seagulls cry

Gave you a pink camera you’d wanted, and
you said you’d visit the beach to
hear the seagulls cry blue
the ocean roar

Said you’d get batteries for it
after you got a cute pink computer

Stormy day floods on first floors
things washed away, but
weren’t you fourth

Don’t know
haven’t heard

Stormy days
things washed away
and I haven’t seen your pink
but I gave you the pink camera

Hurricane days
things washed away
seagulls cry blue

Maybe it was you in the pink,
had expected a word
any moment

I miss your pink, had
missed you in the swirls

but, yeah, it’s your style
you could have posted video P1748:
seagulls following your pink camera

Stormy days, dead
things washed away
seagulls cry blue

Bulldozers and sand walls
protection against the waves.
Did you get batteries and a pink dress?

Did you say you’d visit the beach
to hear seagulls cry

Next time you see the seagulls
tell them I love them, ok?

— Douglas Gilbert


4 thoughts on “Aftermath (Draft 2)

  1. I like the new additions, “had expected a word any moment” adds a feeling of hopeful waiting. I know that feeling. I think i spent too much time with my grandma when i was growing up, I’m kind of old fashioned or something when it comes to relationships or just dating in general and it’s super hard for me to ever feel comfortable calling a man first. So i know all about the hopeful waiting…maybe he’ll call today? Maybe tomorrow? Maybe sometime? I also like the “I miss your pink, had, missed you in the swirls” and “you could have posted video P1748: seagulls following your pink camera” It adds some distinct details. I do love seagulls. I was on and saw some seagull hair clips the other day, they reminded me of this poem and all of your seagull videos. I saved them in my favorites, i might go back and buy them sometime…I found a lady who makes anklet bells for dancing. She crochets them by hand, I think they’ll be softer, more comfortable than the metal kind. I ordered mine in purple – I’m going to try them out and see how I like them, i’m actually excited about them, can’t wait to try them out (hopefully my rhythm is good or it’ll be a new type of catastrophe, hehe)

    1. Thanks. Seagull hair clips and dancing anklet bells. That does sound exciting. Purple would be beautiful and I think if the rhythm goes off a little you can declare it syncopated rhythm and throw lotus blossoms and bread crumbs and the seagulls can sound out their cries in harmony and with their counterpoint ‘call and response’ make the rhythm perfect.
          I used to think when I did free form dancing to rock music I was good because it felt so good, but then I saw one of those American Idol type shows, whichever one had open audition dancing (I forget the name of it) and some of those people were really bad and they thought they were good, and so I was thinking, “it may feel good to do but I must look like an idiot just like they do.”
          … I remember I had no idea how to make conversation and the only thing I knew to do was to go to a dance and ask, “Would you like to dance?” So I would dance with an aloof girl and she would be staring into space away from me while we were dancing and I would enjoy it but basically I was dancing by myself. I suppose I was an embarrassment, but with some kinds of music I just wanted to get up and dance. But despite the ostensible partner I suppose it was mostly not the dance of love but the sad rhythm of self love unobserved.

      1. hmm…that’s a good idea. Now I just need to guy buy the hair clips and talk some sea gulls into coming here and becoming river gulls so i have some dancing partners that can sing on cue to the rhythm (for bread crumbs, hehe). Or maybe I should go to the beach. I’ve never danced in sand before but it shouldn’t be a problem because I don’t usually wear shoes when i dance so i wouldn’t have to worry about sand getting in my shoes. As long as I didn’t accidentally toss my sticks into the ocean i should be good to go. I haven’t had a dancing partner in years and then it was that rock back and forth to the slow song type-dance (nothing fancy). I didn’t even go to my own senior prom but dancing in my living room is pretty fun. I actually looked for videos on you tube – i don’t think anyone dances like i do.
        I bet your dancing was great and I love our conversations. I can’t imagine you ever being an embarrassment – but maybe aloof, zoned out girls get embarrassed easier or something. Or maybe she was just in awe of your amazing rhythmic skills?
        I’ve seen those dancing shows. There’s one called Dancing with the stars, umm yeah, I can’t do that. It might be fun to take some classes or something though and learn how to do some of those fancy partner dances…

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