Chicken Cutlets (Draft 2)

Chicken Cutlets

So delicious are the bread crumbs of a smile
coating so well the cutlet of kindness,

scrumptious, a coated fillet plunge
dipping every whim in whisking eggs, every
fluff enough to beat a heart, and then

it doesn’t matter if it’s sweet or sour,
breaded, bare, or a future recipe:
kindness is an egg wash
that sticks noble things together
to fry in the pan of the hot life
crispy and crunchy.

Love is so tasty that it requires no bread;
it rises from a fermentation of understanding, but
isn’t it wonderful when flour is plentiful and
everything tastes great over conversation

I could bring a spice that’s
saved for special occasions.
Some fruits of many colors.

Such a meal is more golden than sunrise, because
it’s not exactly orange but rainbowsy-cozy

— Douglas Gilbert

4 thoughts on “Chicken Cutlets (Draft 2)

      1. For some reason I’ve really been procrastinating lately and putting off leaving until the last minute and then i’m rushing around trying to get everything together and throwing my shoes on to run out the door. I think i need to work on my time management skills…
        But I like the changes, the new line breaks and the new line addition are like some extra spices or flavor, uh, i mean the add some pizazz to the rhythm…Another delicious poem. I still love that rainbowsy-cozy too…it’s a word that’s all warm and safe feeling and a good thought to fall asleep on.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, I still like rainbowsy-cozy. The main thing that was bothering me about the first draft is that I failed to have a subject-thing that was capable of “dipping” something. The bread crumbs could coat something but not dip something. So it wasn’t clear who or what was doing the dipping. The Act of the plunge can do the dipping. So I just needed a noun-thing however vague to do the dip. It’s a subtle error I suppose but it just never sounded right. I think it’s a little better. Geez, these vague metaphors can get me into a lot of trouble.

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