All Season Blues with Red Pepper (Draft 2)

All Season Blues with Red Pepper (Draft 2)

Before the sweet fruit
the flower.

Before the corn
the silk. Though

popcorn must have salt
if it is to be eaten for pleasure.

Before all
the winter. Yet

she always said to take everything with a grain of love
but now she’s so salty and sad with winter blues
and I say when I bump into her
you are as sweet as nectar, but she
buzzes, looking for the lost flower
and the snow overcomes her
in the winter-cold blues, or is it
all-season blues; I don’t know:

haven’t seen her since
the hush of the minor catastrophe
though I suppose that the

minor is always major
with a little transposition
of position and starting point.

Oh no, how can this be
that the Goddess of Silver Linings
is in a sorrowful cloud, when
I love puffy-fluffy things, and
she has a talisman, a stuffed animal,
that she has given my name to, and
I have her last letter to read
again and again to warm me until

our summer comes, we harvest, we love the day
make stuffed green peppers at home, and
without doubt

even in a panic picnic out
we laugh because
catastrophe seems so silly
when love is abundant
especially for us, and I wonder

how could it be that she would wander
searching for exotic red flowers in the highlands
be hushed by minor catastrophes in lowlands when

oh yes, I am puffy with love clouded
in her thoughts I know, and
if she calls I will come with
medicinal bouquets of me
herbs and stuffed red peppers,
salty corn puffed up like
pop love flowers
and the succulent fruits that follow

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “All Season Blues with Red Pepper (Draft 2)

  1. I love all of the new additions…the sweet fruit and the flower, the corn and the silk, all the ‘befores’ at the beginning…I suppose everything has it’s time and season, maybe it’s own place and reasons? Most of my own catastrophes have been pretty major but I guess if something good came from it eventually, then it wouldn’t be a catastrophe anymore huh? I’ve always wanted to make stuffed peppers but never have. I like the ‘exotic red flowers’ and I love the ending stanza with “if she calls I will come with medicinal bouquets of me” and “pop love flowers and the succulent fruits”…yum…It’s odd how a call can be so hard to make when one feels shy for whatever reason. Excellent revision work on this…

    1. Thanks. Sorry about those major cats. Yeah, that catastrophe theme is a little vague. I don’t know where I was going with it but it’s a little better from the first draft. It’s odd: I’ve always made what I thought was the “correct” stuffed green pepper. But then I wanted the color red for the poem so I decided on including stuffed red pepper, which I thought you weren’t supposed to do or something, but I thought (expecting to find nothing) I might as well look for a recipe for “stuffed red pepper” on the internet and they had plenty. That’s kind of odd that you can get used to something and think that’s the only way. I mean, I’ve used red peppers in all kinds of improvised dishes that tasted good and the pepper is just a holder or container for other ingredients so I don’t know why I never considered it.
          Hmm, I wonder why catastrophes are so much worse than doggastrophes or moosetrophes.

      1. “Doggastrophes or moosetrophes” (giggling) that’s funny!
        The dish I made for my parents last weekend that I mentioned to you had red peppers in it. It is delicious. It’s chicken breast, red peppers, caramelized onions and some other various seasonings simmered together in a skillet. It comes out so good! The chicken was tender and the peppers/onions mix was so flavorful. I think it’s my new favorite thing to eat…I guess I should experiment with foods more often, who knows what deliciousness I’ll stumble upon from the cupboard next time…

    2. mmmmmmm, simmering experimentation and magical cupboards. Oh yes, now I remember how this would be described by Shakespeare 2013, Act C, Scene 4: Epic pepper breast upon the loins of the world… wherefore does the onion have layers when the breast seems more profoundly tender seasoned by touches of spice.

      1. It sounds even more delicious with your Shakespeare type description. I should make an in-house menu of my specialty dishes and have you write the descriptions. All of my meals would seem decadent and magical with your words to compliment them…

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