The End of the World (revised)

The End of the World (Revised)

An ice cream volcano in Iceland erupted.
Nobody knows why, but hordes
brought spoons and whipped cream
’cause they all know
free ice cream rules, but

machetes on sugar cane
aren’t needed anymore with many
confectionery states going bankrupt
but if anyone fears the beans
of the vanilla, fears the seeds
of the strawberry and a new flavor
with swirls and sprinkles, fear not

because all can look
to the skies with glee
to hear honey bees buzz,
and know

unidentified flying cows have been seen
their moo’s seeming mournfully sung, but
when their guffaws blow out of ice cream cones
the walls near blueberry fields will fall
and pistachios will be unshelled

Oh have you not seen
there is no more shelling
and I hear the trumpets triumphant

Oh glory be the syrupy dawn
the caves are full of chocolate.

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “The End of the World (revised)

  1. I just started going through all the first drafts and other drafts of things not finished and unfortunately I found one that was “finished” which I decided to revise. So I’ve made no progress in the number of drafts finished because I just added a new one, but I think it’s finished now for now, and I’ll move on to the others.

  2. I think your revision is like the finishing touch…the cherry on top of the sundae. Who knew the end times could be so deliciously sweet.
    I like all the additions, it fills it out somewhat and adds flavor. I like the “machetes on sugar cane” and “honey bees buzz”.
    Quite the tasty revision…

    1. Thanks very much. Goody, goody… it’s done… This vague style that I’ve fallen into this year is hard to handle but I think it’s OK now. I think I can drift around and don’t have to understand it completely for it to be interesting and seem to mean something. As soon as someone comes up with a profound and twisted philosophical interpretation of what it really means, I’ll say, “yes, of course, that’s what I meant. I developed this theory of metaphor enhancement driftmentearmoo through careful meditation and study in a cave in Tibet…”

      1. Oh, you’re welcome….I like your style so whatever you’re doing seems to be working wonderfully…
        driftmentearmoo (giggling) I like that word. I need to study that theory…Tibet is kinda far away though, i wonder if I could study it in the Mammoth cave, that’s a little closer. Actually, caves are a little spooky, being so dark and everything. Maybe there’s a form of driftmentearmoo that can be studied in a field of wildflowers in the sunshine? There’s a nice breeze out there this morning, i’m so glad it’s finally starting to seem like spring.

    2. I think variations on drift-shinement-floweroomo is fine for Spring meditations if there is a gentle breeze and a wild flower willing to talk…

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