Dates and Figs (Draft 12)

Figs and Dates (Draft 12)

You didn’t hear that.

Be vague
be hidden
quoth the Raven, and
George Orwell
when you don’t hear
an explosive sound
you heard

Should not have searched
where beefs are regretted

Don’t care anymore because
you’re the only one I trust. How
would I complain if

some meteors speak
with streaking lines
written in the skies
without prejudice
for the discerning reader

Implicitly we know;
no? What’s to want
but you in the final days

Search not
want not

Dippers of naked truths can endure
shooting stars with canned laughter,
minor tyrants in major cites, if they
will pour their sweet sayings into
cups larger than the 16 ounce limit

Pompous nagging is
the supercilious song
of the dismissive mayor
to brow beat the middle poor

Under pompous nagging
and excessive taxes
many middle poor eat
too much cake and soda

but in the daily duping
frustration is easily hamburgered
with fast food fries and lotus soda

The high brow have their bread
the poor their cake and soda

It’s the obesity that’s
making the earthquakes
isn’t it? A pound of flesh.

Across the world
their are boom sounds heard
not earthquakes
not sonic booms
not mining major
not military
just obese quandaries
crashing together
like mettle on metal

Ancient trumpets seem to be
sounding to bring down
walls of ignorance and tyranny
even if at first with
minor keys to
songs of trivial annoyance

Boom sound times
are not sonic but mysterious, and
they keep a record of every word
won’t even let us drink our sweet sorrow
while they quote
Shakespeare in shallow ways
nannies of arrogance who think
broccoli will save the world

These elites are so smug
like sting rays sweeping volcanoes
under seafloor rugs

Should not have
searched for marinated moose steaks
’cause anyone with a moose
whose not looking up salads
and green things, must be
having second thoughts
about obedience

Hunting naked truths
and shooting stars
enduring canned laughter

There is news in the dry laugh:
an embarrassed meteor, pitfalls
and destiny dates, though

fig leaves do fall in pithy days with you
moist giggles in the morning dew

The can of dates is on sale
with the occasional pit
due to pitiful errors

But we have the era of
figments of imagination
the dried fig sweet when
meteors fall and we

collect meteor char
for the barbecue grill, though
no one has any
grilling questions, or
a steak in the truth fire

no one knows the source
of the delicious delusion sauce
that is the medium of solace

Media lies are very comforting
with vegetables and 16 ounce sodas
un-French fries with doomburgers
and saving trivia

Repent and save
a calorie in end times

Eat your vegetables or be
hit with a drone, but

we will hide in ourselves together
indulge in our poetry with a rhythm
and smile when we lick a bit of cherry pie
off our faces with
billions of calories

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Dates and Figs (Draft 12)

  1. I like all the new changes, I actually had to go search through your latest posts to find draft 11 (because it’s been a little bit since I read it) and I compared them side by side in different windows. You’ve really added a lot in, I like the changes in the beginning, how it starts with the “when you don’t hear an explosive sound you heard”. I still really love the line “What’s to want but you in the final days”. I actually thought of that the other day just randomly, out of the blue, while I was taking a shower, so it must be a great line!
    I also like all the new additions in the middle of the poem. This stanza
    “It’s the obesity that’s
    making the earthquakes
    isn’t it? A pound of flesh.”
    made me giggle a bit (not that obesity is funny) but as if obesity is making the earthquakes…
    I like the “mettle on metal” and “ancient trumpets” stanza…well. really all of your additions are all great. And the whole no sodas larger than 16 oz is silly. People are allowed to indulge in other things that are unhealthy without having restrictions (like alcohol and cigarettes)…what’s the big deal with sodas? Are they gonna start placing restrictions on candy bars and potato chips next? Those aren’t exactly health foods. I’m gonna be mad if my ice cream gets taken away! ha!
    Oh, did you hear that you might be able to see the Northern lights tonight? I wanna watch for them, it looks like i’m right on the “good” line. I’ve always wanted to see those in person…here’s a link.

    1. Thanks. I think the themes are a bit more clear.
          That’s a good point. I think the size of potato chips sold in restaurants should be no larger than two feet because it would have a doorway be blocked when a flock of seagulls would flutter in the vestibule of an exit door.
          The Northern lights would be interesting. I think it’s too cloudy here and we have light pollution. I think it needs to be seen from a dark area.

      1. Two feet? That’s a really big bag of chips so I suppose no one would complain, if it wasn’t enough they could just buy two. Everyone knows seagulls should have free access without having to deal with gigantic bags of chips blocking their way. (ha!)
        Yeah…I think there was too much light pollution – i didn’t see anything besides the same stars and airplanes that are always there.

    2. Oh, now I’m confused. You’re going to be mad if they take your ice cream away? Is there lactose in ice cream? You can tolerate lactose now? well, anyway, ice cream is a soothing thing, a meditation for the tongue and a caress for the esophagus, creamy high gastronomy where she the epicure forgoes the manicure to grasp the tablespoon of joy in the half gallon.

      1. mmm, yes a tablespoon or two of joy for me, please! I actually have everything in the kitchen right now to make banana splits…uh oh, I just realized I don’t have whipped cream and cherries.

        Oh yeah, there is definitely lactose in ice cream. I have to take something called a lactase enzyme supplement to eat it, but as long as I have the tablet I can tolerate it just fine. Those supplements have made eating so much easier since milk is in so many things…

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