Quirky from Afar (Draft 3)

Quirky from Afar (Draft 3)

I wonder why you’d die even with the
flattering and flutter of your fans, and no I’m not
exactly a fan, no not exactly, even though
you make showy new arrangements,
make a scene without a melody, upscale
variations and inversions on the sorrow sparrow

I mourn the fallen
song birds at dawn
with oatmeal, but sometimes

lunch is best
at breakfast time
with appetizers at sunrise

Birdies in the dawn
have worldly songs I know,
choreographed for the video

The trouble with the quirky world
is few singers will have an
elegant soup for breakfast,
will not take my silly advice for
the morning lunch of desire

pizza with me, and
anchovies for seagulls
opus no. 4, symphony 2,

won’t minister to the minestrone
and are left with a cereal for the showy birds

I make soup for breakfast sometimes
just to watch the mist fog up the
window glass of dawn
where nothing can be a scene

I have a showy tablespoon
with a fancy engraved handle
for my lonely soups, for sometimes
it’s better to sip carefully than
be scorched with hot sorrow

better to look out the window at
feathers and upper blue cool dawn,
better not listen to orange songs
and be juiced

Screeching birds in the dawn
have angry tears in the rain, secretly
curling up with a soupy turmoil
a noodle that no one is willing
to unravel, and many unwilling
to spoon out comfort to them

These are the famous agonies
I think I know, though
being nobody of renown,
such unseen sorrow has
no publicity value, has no way
to monetize a cry, can not
get this tune on the charts, but
she has a beautiful way
to monetize sorrow

Oh young beautiful girl
who might have been near
where I could have praised
your feathers of flight
your perfume of happiness,
could have spooned out
a dollop and a dabble in magic
like I once thought I had.

I’ve seen you dance
in the bubble and cage
of the obscene show-biz scene
seen many be too serious about trivia

Oh magnificent party girl, don’t die young again,
young girl with the band and groupies

Leave your toady agent and your dreams
and let me be a non-toxic chatty drug
’cause I’d love to sing nonsense with you
because I am profoundly silly, and
I wonder why you’d die even with the
praise of your fans, and no I’m not
exactly a fan, no not exactly, no it’s

just that I’ve heard you scream famously
and I’ve screamed alone, because
I can’t seem to compose the song of my heart
as well as you who is talented, lonely, and sad

Maybe I could’ve been your odd high
the quirky no one who’s not hip
and hears your secret silent cries
that fans and agents never hear
when they feed you any drug of the day
you think you want, and if in a haze
you keep on chirping
I’ll pray for you, because
you are so beautiful and
of course, sexy, but
that’s not the point
though they say it is

Oh hey, I know about loneliness
and when you die young
I will wonder why talent doesn’t matter
and why I never met you

Can’t say if I would have mattered at all
can’t say if I would have been more than a quirk
or a mere jerk, but you will die young probably, and
maybe I would have given you an hour

an hour is all I need
to love being with a song
a rhapsody in grace
so blue toned, but I

don’t know why
beautiful girls die young
even when they can sing
sorrowful chirps and dirges on key

— Douglas Gilbert

10 thoughts on “Quirky from Afar (Draft 3)

  1. I’d eat a morning lunch of desire with you….i like all the new changes, the new first stanza had a lot of words that sounded lovely together, like the “flattering and flutter” and the “variations and inversions on the sorrow sparrow”. I think I’m gonna start working on my scene making, maybe it’ll shake things up a little, haha…just kidding. I don’t wanna cause too much of a ruckus and disturb all the sweet birds. I love the little sparrows.
    I know this isn’t new to this draft but i think i forgot to mention that i liked it and it just made me wonder in thought as i was reading:
    pizza with me, and
    anchovies for seagulls
    opus no. 4, symphony 2,
    I bet the seagulls do like anchovies. Would you order those as a side dish on a bed of lettuce for them or as a topping on the actual pizza? I’ve seen them ordered both ways. I was driving the other day near the river and it made me wonder why there isn’t a type of seagulls that live near rivers or other large bodies of fresh water. They could be called Rivergulls, i think it has a nice ring to it. I guess maybe there isn’t enough little fish for them to catch or something? Or maybe they just don’t like the dirty river water? I don’t know. It was just a silly thought I had and i’m not even sure why i’m sharing it ’cause you’re probably thinking “geez this girl is ______ ” (fill in the blank with an adjective)…it’s like a mad-lib. giggling

    1. I love your aromas of morning lunch, fragrant comments for the day to breathe, and it seems to me in the corner of my eye I’ve seen unicorns and rivergulls. Hmm, I bet the pizza place will deliver to the mystery ships, and I think that in exchange for an extra pizza that they’d supply fresh anchovies for the seagulls. I think the pizza delivery guy would bring 20 pizzas to the ships, one to us and a fish tank full of anchovies for the seagulls. I imagine it would require a big tip for the delivery and and extra tip to keep the camera crews away. But first, I think it would only be polite to show the seagulls a menu first — I think that if they can read Harry Potter that they certainly can read a menu. But I think we’d have to be very careful to remove the address of the pizza place from the menu first, because if they read that they’ll start flocking around the pizza store and if they get inside could get into trouble.

      1. A whole fish tank full, wow I bet the seagulls will be so happy! It’ll be like a party on the beach and everyone will have a great dinner, even the birds. Yeah, it would be polite to let them read the menu, even if we’re sure they’ll end up ordering anchovies at least they’ll know that their opinion was considered in the dinner choices. That would d be kinda funny if they did find the pizza place though. They’d all start hanging out waiting for anchovies all the time. That reminds me of my crow friend that used to come visit when i worked at a sandwich shop. I’d always take it some leftover ends of sandwich bread rolls that we’d cut off and after a while it started bringing all it’s buddies for breakfast every day too. If I was outside and hadn’t brought food out yet they would all start cawing, asking where their breakfast was I suppose.

    2. http://byways.org/stories/72335
      Hmm, I wouldn’t imagine that they’re anything like seagulls but there does seem to be Red-throated loons and black-billed cuckoos along the rivers. Rather then eat fish most of the time I think that they watch Looney Tune cartoons and reset all the coo-coo clocks every Spring for Daylight Savings Time. I think the paddle boats on the river need the clocks to keep to their schedules… no wait, that might be the Mississippi. Or maybe the short-billed dowitcher needs to keep its appointments for dowsing and finding water for the farmers.
      “Located along Highway 52 and throughout 400 miles of the Ohio River in Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, the Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge offers bird enthusiasts with chances to witness the rare Snow Goose and Mute Swan. Listen to the distinct Red-throated Loon and Black-billed Cuckoo. Explore the refuge’s marshes to find the Short-billed Dowitcher.”

    3. P.S. Well anyway, I may not be good at finding things on the web but I find Rivergulls is a charming idea. I like when you wonder about things and I don’t think musing or speculation is silly. I don’t think the rivergulls will mind if you don’t remember their first names. I don’t think you’ve been formally introduced after all and I think that on most occasions that they tend to be very informal. Charlie rivergull says “Hi”.

      1. I’m glad you like the Rivergulls, i tried to look them up too. It just showed a bunch of pictures of Seagulls that were by rivers that were close to the sea, not actual inland body of waters. So I don’t think they actually count as Rivergulls. Hi Charlie Rivergull! (giggling) I’m glad they tend to be informal, i’m sure I’m not well taught in bird manners yet and I would hate to come off as rude. But I guess I should go hang out by the river more often and I’ll spot some of those red throated loons and black billed cuckoos. They sound like they’d be fun to hang out with. I wonder if they’d rather have bread or fish? I bet they live out on Six mile island, i thought it was called 18 mile island but I just tried looking it up and wikipedia says it’s six miles from the Falls of the Ohio but that it’s undeveloped and “is known for its extensive variety of waterbirds”. I bet that’s where the Rivergulls are! They stay out there, hanging out with loons and cuckoos and keep hidden from everyone but the other waterbirds. If I was a rivergull that’s what I’d do too.

    4. Actually, you were right. It’s just a naming thing. They have a picture of birds that look like my birds that visit rivers. They’re called “gulls”. And they say that most gulls hang out along lakes and rivers…
      Gulls Seen As A Good Sign (January)
      [January 25, 2012]
      Aha, I see the problem: they are just generally called “gulls”. They come in the winter to the Ohio river when Lake Erie freezes and go back in summer mostly with the exception of a few stragglers and stubborn birds. They like fish and people and their food too, it says.

      [“People often call them seagulls, but there are really only a couple of gulls affiliated with the sea-in fact, very few gulls nest along the ocean,” he said.

      Thompson said the gulls gathering along the Ohio and Muskingum rivers this time of year are typically from nesting grounds in the Great Lakes region and Canada.]

    5. Oh, I got distracted from the point. They are saying that people mistakenly call them seagulls although most don’t actually hang out along the ocean like my birds do, but actually most are river gulls. But hey, looking at the photo they all look alike. I suspect that some of my seagulls are rivergulls in disguise or on vacation visiting cousins. I wouldn’t be surprised if they freely mix seeing as they’re all gull-able.

      1. gull-able, ha! I love it!
        hmmm…well that is awesome! In all my years of living near the Ohio river I’ve never seen a gull. Maybe they don’t come down this far? But then if they only migrate down during the winter that might explain why. I’m usually only down by the river in the warmer weather. We went downtown today…I’ll put up a pic in a minute…
        Oh, now that I’m thinking harder about it, I do seem to faintly remember seeing sea gulls when I went to Navy Pier in Chicago…

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