Dates and Figs (Draft 11)

Dates and Figs (Draft 11)

Be vague
be hidden
quoth the Raven, and
George Orwell

Should not have searched
where beefs are regretted

Don’t care anymore because
you’re the only one I trust. How
would I complain if

some meteors speak
with streaking lines
written in the skies
without prejudice
for the discerning reader

Implicitly we know;
no? What’s to want
but you in the final days

Search not
want not

Dippers of naked truths endure
shooting stars with canned laughter, and
tyrants who don’t like sweet things

Boom times not sonic but mysterious, and
they keep a record of every word
won’t even let us drink our sweet sorrow
while they quote
Shakespeare in shallow ways
nannies of arrogance who think
broccoli will save the world

These elites are so smug
like sting rays sweeping volcanoes
under seafloor rugs

Should not have
searched for marinated moose steaks
’cause anyone with a moose
whose not looking up salads
and green things, must be
having second thoughts
about obedience

Hunting naked truths
and shooting stars
enduring canned laughter

There is news in the dry laugh:
an embarrassed meteor, pitfalls
and destiny dates, though

fig leaves do fall in pithy days with you
moist giggles in the morning dew

The can of dates is on sale
with the occasional pit
due to pitiful errors

But we have the era of
figments of imagination
the dried fig sweet when
meteors fall and we

collect meteor char
for the barbecue grill, though
no one has any
grilling questions, or
a steak in the truth fire

no one knows the source
of the delicious delusion sauce
that is the medium of solace

Media lies are very comforting
with vegetables and 16 ounce sodas
un-French fries with doomburgers
and saving trivia

Repent and save
a calorie in end times

Eat your vegetables or be
hit with a drone, but

we will hide in ourselves together
indulge in our poetry with a rhythm
and smile when we lick a bit of cherry pie
off our faces with
billions of calories

— Douglas Gilbert


10 thoughts on “Dates and Figs (Draft 11)

  1. The boom sounds are back again. This time they say it’s only 155 millimeter howitzers at Fort Knox that are making uncharacteristic boom and crash sounds that people are hearing and not hearing. But even though they didn’t do it and didn’t hear it, you can call a hot line and make a claim if you had any property damage from imaginary sounds… Enter Your Claim for Things That Don’t Exist

    1. I love all of the new additions – or I should say the new first half of the poem, you really added a lot!
      First off i want to say that this is lovely:
      “Implicitly we know;
      no? What’s to want
      but you in the final days”
      and then i like how you rounded those lines out with the:
      “Search not
      want not”
      —-on to the rest of the poem—-
      Geez…what kind of tyrant doesn’t like sweet things!? I suppose the very worst kind of tyrant because I thought everyone loved sweets.
      “nannies of arrogance who think broccoli will save the world” made me giggle…i DID make steamed broccoli as a side dish for dinner tonight, but I wasn’t trying to save the world with it…i mean, with all the melted REAL salted sweet cream butter i poured over it i probably cut it’s healthiness in half….hehe. oh i loved this too – “like sting rays sweeping volcanoes under seafloor rugs” what a great comparison, or wouldn’t that be called a simile? Marinated moose steak? I’ve never ate moose before, i wonder if it tastes like venison?
      I read that article, those boom sounds are weird. I didn’t hear anything at all but i remembered being on facebook and my cousin mentioning it, she lives in Shepherdsville, on the other side of Louisville from me, it’s closer to the fort knox area. I went to her facebook page just now to see what she wrote again. Her facebook post on March 17th said: “Surely someone else heard that big BOOM that made my house shake bout a half n hour ago? Any idea what it was?” Then in the comments where people were saying that the news said it was fort knox, she said she thought “a car hit her house”. Someone else wrote “Oh I definitely heard it, shook our whole building and made the alarm on our van go off.” That has to be really LOUD to do that. We have had a lot of military helicopters around lately though. I was getting out of the shower one day and it sounded like one of them was landing on my roof (i mean it sounded really close!) I wrapped the towel around me and went to the window and couldn’t see anything, then went to a different window on the other side of the house and still didn’t see anything but i could still hear the helicopter sound like it was getting further away. One day i saw a train going through our town that had tanks being transported on it. It just kept going…tank after tank after tank. I guessed that they were just on their way to fort know but it was weird seeing so many tanks…

      1. P.S.-
        Oh, i just read what i wrote again and it sounds odd – i didn’t mean to imply that the helicopter i heard was invisible or anything. It was just at an angle i couldn’t see from those windows or something. It was just weird because it was flying so low and how loud it was. Just wanted to clarify that. Although it would be pretty weird if they did have invisible helicopters. I don’t think they have that kind of technology yet do they?
        P.S. Part two-
        I meant to say “Fort Knox” in the last line, not fort know. (ha!)

      2. Thanks very much. It’s hard to know what vague hints and allusions are sufficient. There are people who are so lacking in empathy that even when you agree with them on a particular issue you have the urge to disagree with them just because they are so dismissive of anyone who disagrees with them. That’s the seduction of the tyrant: when they agree with you and destroy your enemies you think they’re wonderful, but then once they have the power you’ve given them they turn on you unexpectedly and you become the articulate mouse that the cute little cat will eat without a word of sympathy.
            Yeah, it’s funny, but that’s the thing about stereotypes and key word searches: you really can’t judge things that way. But it’s scary that people are trying to analyze things that way like kids sometimes do. As an adult I re-tasted everything I thought I didn’t like and I found that I like the taste of almost everything in the right context and in the right mood. It is so odd that so many people can not catch on to the nuance of things. On a particular day at a particular time I could say that I don’t feel like eating a particular thing and months or years later they would say, I didn’t make that for you because you said that you didn’t like that. In the right context I like most things. Although, I’m not fond of poisonous things except in small amounts.
            Oh, I lost my train of thought. Um, I really like broccoli but not in ice cream… oh wait, I haven’t actually tried that — hmm, it might be OK, like a cream sauce.
            Yeah I was trying to come up with a stereotype that some sinister agency would use to try to find people. I was thinking that most people who have eaten moose would be hunters and some fanatics hate all hunters. But of course the dirty little secret is that the Founding Fathers did not write the second amendment to protect hunters… it had to do with tyranny.
            I’ve heard helicopters circling and circling, but I’ve always assumed they were police helicopters looking for drug dealers escaping a raid or some such. Yeah, I understood what you meant about not seeing them directly: I didn’t think you thought they were invisible. But talking about invisible: some drones could fly so low and be so small that they might as well be invisible. I know they’ve been working on flying things the size of insects that can carry cameras. And you know they must have advanced things when you can now buy toy helicopters and drones with cameras. If toys are that good you can imagine what the real things are like.
            Oh yeah, I saw that: I think Fort Knox “knows” but they’re not telling. It’s weird that they say, “we’ve done nothing that would shake a house, but if you have any damage make a claim — and invite us over to your house to talk about it.” Hmm, sounds like they heard the noises too and they don’t know what it is either and they’ve been flying around trying to figure it out. I like the theory that the whole Earth is vibrating and that the thin parts of the crust act like the paper cone of a speaker and that speaker is pointed up where the sound bounces off the ionosphere and comes down again. That would have to be a weird sound difficult to locate. Hmm, I don’t know which would be worse: the Earth is undergoing catastrophic movements or changes, or the military is testing some new weapon. I think maybe it’s some new avant garde Rock ‘n Roll band in a secret underground garage. I think when they finally release their new album that the noise will stop.

      3. The weird thing here is that there are ships in the ocean close to shore that almost never move. Someone told me that they have to sit there until they receive permission to enter New York harbor and that it’s a complicated thing: an authorized captain or some such has to get onto their ship to supervise and blah blah. I don’t believe it. They just sit there. I don’t believe the explanations because when I was a kid we never saw so many ships close to shore that stayed so long — yeah, I think I would have noticed: hey, what’s that, what kind of boat is that…can we swim to that,can we get a ride,can they float onto the beach,… huh huh huh, is that a freighter, is that a sailboat, is that a battle ship, is that a huh is that a wha’ is that a …. I think I would have noticed and would have said all of the previous, but no such thing ever happened. When I was a kid the near ocean was empty and boring. There were no ships close off shore when I was a kid. There was nothing visible.

  2. That is weird about the ships that just sit there and never move. I mean it seems like if it was just an authorized captain that was needed to supervise and what-not, then if one captain was not enough to control the ship flow in and out of the harbor then they would just have to authorize more captains so it wasn’t like an ocean sized traffic jam. Or maybe they’re just keeping the ships on hand for some sort of escape purposes or something? Yeah, you would’ve remembered asking all the questions from when you were a kid. My son still talks about the boats on the river and he’s seen those many, many times by now. I think I’ll write my letter of recommendation that appoints you as an Authorized Sea Captain and you can go investigate. You could have one of those captain hats with the horns and a parrot. Oh wait, parrots are for pirates…and the horned helmets are for vikings…maybe a captain gets the honorary seal? Oops, I think i’m getting even more confused now. Just go tell them that you’re the King of all Captains, Pirates and Vikings and that you want to know what’s going or you’ll make them walk the plank. hehe…(somehow I doubt that would work in real life).

    1. Thanks for the letter of recommendation; I’m looking in the closet for my horned helmet and Viking horn…. interesting story about the Vikings: the ancient British Isles (whatever they used to call it in ancient times) used to think they were safe from invasion because in the fog enemy ships would crash on rocks and cliffs. But the Vikings had their version of Sonar(sound radar). They would blow these big horns and listen for the echos off of the cliffs. When they were far away the echo would take a long time to reach them. When they were close, they would hear the echo almost immediately and then they would know that they were too close to the cliffs. I think if the ships are doing anything they’re blowing their “horns” down into the water to talk to submarines. Yeah, I think that’s a good idea: I could go on board a ship for an “innocent silly tourist” tour(where they show you that nothing is going on and everything is safe for more tourists), and leave my parrot behind. It could hide and listen to everything said after I’m gone and then fly back to me onshore and report.

      1. That’s a really smart way to keep from crashing into the cliffs. I never knew that’s why they used the horns – I guess i always just pictured these big tough viking men sitting around playing horns together when they were drinking their ale or something. Sounds like a good time to me! There’s a show that comes on history channel called Vikings it’s pretty interesting but a bit brutal. Even the viking women are amazingly tough. One viking man learned how to navigate on the ocean using a wooden circle with a needle in it that floated in a bucket of water. When the sun was at its highest point in the sky it would shine onto it and the shadow from the needle would point west (i think it was west) that’s how they figured out how to travel to England to pillage. That’s a really good idea with the parrot, it could relay all sorts of information like that. Hopefully your parrot knows a lot of words though, the only thing our parrot would say is “pretty girl” hehe. Oh, i know! You could train your seagulls to fly out to the ship and maybe hey could carry your camera out there and record whats going on. They’d have to be really careful though so the people manning the ship didn’t catch them. Stealthy spy seagulls. I’m sure they would be more than happy to help, especially if it meant extra fish for dinner.

  3. I saw something a little while ago about the cameras that looked like little insects. That’s nuts! It said they could cling onto your clothes and ride in to spy on whoever they wanted to spy on. Honestly I would think (or hope at least) there’s probably not much need to spy on the average citizen. But I bet whoever is buying the little spy bugs would be willing to prove me wrong, huh?
    ” I like the theory that the whole Earth is vibrating and that the thin parts of the crust act like the paper cone of a speaker and that speaker is pointed up where the sound bounces off the ionosphere and comes down again. That would have to be a weird sound difficult to locate.”
    I like that theory too. It might explain why it was heard in some areas but not in others and would make it really difficult to locate. I think maybe they aren’t even quite sure what it is or don’t know enough about it so they don’t want to sound like idiots – but they don’t want everyone to panic so they place blame quickly somewhere to make people stop asking questions. They’re like “Go back to making your dinner and watching TV, it was absolutely nothing to be worried about. Oh yeah, but we want all the details so please contact us soon.” Or they might know exactly what it is but just don’t want to alarm anyone so they’re keeping it quiet?
    Maybe it is some rock n roll band, they’re just jammin and aren’t even aware that they’re disturbing everyone ha!
    We’re about to dye some Easter eggs, he picked the Star Wars egg dying kit – this should be fun.

    1. Hooray, colorful Easter eggs. Scotty can beam them up, add some alien colors and send them back down… maybe with star diagrams…

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