Damn I Like My Fragments and Run-on Sentences

Run-on Sentence

Oh dumb-down computer, not every non-twitter beyond 140 infamous characters is a run-on sentence. Sometimes there is the inexplicable ramble in the brambles of life. Oh let weeds be.

Sentences, gracefully elaborated, embellished with the sounds of glorious triumph, with cacophonous instruments of drunken loquacious musicians strung out on their heart strings, these birds and cats playing around with joyful noise, sentences gracefully making every trill a wave to glory, oceanic, are not runaways, being ensconced in dreams, and pray tell, if I may continue, the words of the angels are infinite and concise like love that sings forever charming and as elaborate as is a sentence to joy, many times re-phrased, re-claused like a Santa Clause whose mythology endures way beyond his run away sleigh, bells of grace reverberating with every sentence pronounced by judges and supplicants gracefully joined in symphony, in sympathy, in empathy, and joined on every path to any pathy even daffy, because the complex can be simply wonderful like you all who indulge the marathon run into oblivion with a billion words and who pause to hear my running word.

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Damn I Like My Fragments and Run-on Sentences

  1. You do have very nice fragments – the very best I’ve ever seen and your run on sentences are superb as well. I like the “inexplicable ramble in the brambles of life”. Poor weeds always get a bad wrap, they try so hard, just to get yanked up out of the ground and tossed aside like they’re nothing. I suppose the bees know how good the weeds are though, since they make delicious honey from all the wildflowers. Flutter on by the butterfly and be my honey, oh honey bee…(giggling)
    I like the words loquacious and ensconced (i had to look up what they meant). I also liked the “words of the angels are infinite and concise like love that sings forever charming” I’ll always pause to hear your absolutely beautiful running words…

    1. Thanks very much. I don’t know why they were such scatterbrains in Junior High about grammar and parallel structure. I’m still clinging to a style book I got in college(and didn’t understand at the time) and I wonder why no one told me, hey kid you can be wild in a sentence as long as you keep it together with repeated structural words that keep the reader’s focus. Oh gee, now that I’m beginning to understand it a little, everyone is abandoning the extended elegant sentence to blurbs. I always seem to be late to the party.

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