Dates and Figs (Draft 1)

Dates and Figs (Draft 1)

Meteors, destiny dates and
fig leaves are falling

The can of dates is on sale
with the occassional pit
due to processing errors

But it’s more the era of
the figment of imagination
the dried fig sweet when
meteors fall and we

collect meteor char
for the barbecue grill, and
no one has any
grilling questions, or
a steak in the truth

no one knows the source
of the delicious delusion sauce
that is the medium of solace

Media lies are very comforting
with vegetables and 16 ounce sodas
un-French fries with doomburgers

Eat your vegetables or be
hit with a drone

— Douglas Gilbert


7 thoughts on “Dates and Figs (Draft 1)

  1. I love it. The beginning lines were a nice intro and then the ‘due to processing errors’ made me smile – so it set a nice tone for the rest of the poem. I liked the ‘figment of imagination’ and ‘dried fig’. I also liked the way ‘meteors fall’, ‘meteor char’ and ‘barbecue grill’ sounded in my mind together as i read them, they complimented each other nicely and i must’ve put some sort of empasis on them. mmm…’delicious delusion sauce’ – sounds tasty and a bit fancy and exotic…hehe..
    The ending was good too, ‘Eat your vegetables or be hit with a drone’ sounds kind of like it could be from one of those fortune cookies I was talking about (maybe the government’s cookies though?).

    1. Thanks. “empasis” could be “emphasis and empathy”. charming spells perhaps. I guess it’s good I got started on an outline. A lot of things don’t get started at all because, I suppose, I’m expecting all the ideas to come together at once. Maybe it’ll work out if I put my scrap notes and glimpses down…I put down something rather than nothing and the things I couldn’t do can come later… [well, um, I sort of cheated: I’m writing this comment now, this which I should have written earlier, after I’ve already done several new drafts, but I couldn’t have commented thus without the confidence I have now after actually doing the drafts…. Ummm, uh, I mean, I’m reconstructing what I would have said, had I had any confidence.]

      1. (giggling) it’s like a looping sequence chain of intertwined thoughts, writing and comments. i have confidence issues myself, sometimes…but, i think you and all of writing is beautiful.

      2. Here’s that reply I was talking about. I’m sure you already figured it out on your own but it’s supposed to say “i think you and all of YOUR writing is beautiful.” Not “all of writing is beautiful”

    2. Yes, thanks. Isn’t it wonderful for us to have an extended context of good will so that I don’t have to worry if I make a faux pas spelling or other mistake where I seem to be saying something negative or possibly even insulting — um, no, I totally never agree with my mischievous keyboard and stumble fingers when it goofs. All of yourrr commments are beautfullll. My most dangerous faux pas seem to be when I keep leaving out the negatives: I mean to say something like “I’m not sure I’d agree with that, or I’m not sure that’s a good idea…” And then I keep leaving out the “not”. I don’t know why I keep leaving out words and thinking I’ve typed them.

      1. yep! Leaving out the “not” could completely change what you’re trying to say. But I think if I were reading what you wrote I’d understand by the rest of whatever you were writing about, what you really meant to say. That sounded confusing for some reason…but it’s reallly not because I guess that’s where an “extended context of good will” comes in handy.

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