An Undefined Drop in the Ocean (Draft 1)

An Undefined Drop in the Ocean

She’s a renowned philosophy professor
an Atheist by trade, but

we looked out at the stars
one night on the beach, and
it seemed an oceanic feeling

when she professed her love to me
in her way, and I did in mine

Waves of happiness
swept over us like a
shared Yikeness in the Sillyverse

— Douglas Gilbert


15 thoughts on “An Undefined Drop in the Ocean (Draft 1)

    1. No, unfortunately I didn’t even look out the window at 8pm. It’s interesting that a few people in the comments mentioned something that happened at 10pm also. Sounds like there was a bunch of stuff. NASA put out their poo-poo bulletins: nothing to worry about, it’s nothing but the usual. There’s just the Carl Sagan cuteness universe: they have the simplified versions all denuded of anything interesting… I guess I should look out the window more often but nobody would believe me if I saw anything. If any aliens come to see me, I’ll ask for an autograph, although I don’t know what form that would be in. I hope the aliens have neat handwriting and have a better sense of humor than “take me to your leader.” I’m taking them to a party and will solicit some alien poetry in trade for an elephant…if it’s in the room at the time. But anyway, there’s been an abnormal number of meteors striking Earth according to me and my lifetime memory. I already know they lie about the abnormal weather because I remember it. There’s too much disinformation so that you can’t believe anything on either side of any issue. I wish we had a news media that objectively looked into all reports and evaluated them instead of just reporting anything that will get them ratings or just trying to report only things that could not possibly embarrass them. They are not supposed to be about ratings and embarrassment — they are just supposed to report what they have objectively and not involve their own prejudices. Lots of meteor showers, lots of volcanic activity above ground and at the sea floor and other anomalous things going on. So, just report it — you don’t have to laugh or not laugh, poo-poo or not poo-poo. Geez, if the world were coming to an end, they’d refuse to report it…

      1. Carl sagan cuteness universe…i like that. I’d believe you if you saw something…heck, I believe in just about everything (even if I end up feeling kinda gullible or naive a lot of time, hehe) . But if you tell me it’s true, I’ll believe. You know how I told you about the dog plowing into my folding table and knocking it over the other day when she was playing? Well the toy I had thrown for her was an elephant. Weird, I guess I shouldn’t have been throwing elephants in the house, huh? I’m not sure the aliens would even trade a haiku for this one though, it’s missing all its stuffing, the squeaker and a big hole in it…
        Yeah, those news reporters aren’t very good at straight reporting. They probably would refuse to report the world coming to an end.

    2. Oh it’s worse than I thought:
      Daily Mail UK: Meteor Steaks Eastern Seaboard

      ”    The sighting on Friday comes just days after the head of NASA had warned that there was little that could be done on earth to protect against a crash of debris from space.
          Speaking in front of the House Science Committee, NASA head Charles Bolden said on March 19 that the nation cannot even defend itself from an asteroid identical to the small one that detonated over Russia last month.”
          When pressed on what NASA’s plans were if they detected a similar one due to hit New York, Bolden replied, ‘The answer to you is, if it’s coming in three weeks, pray.’ “

      1. Well, I pray every morning during my yoga – in part of my prayers I ask for protection and safety for myself and loved ones, so maybe I’ll start adding in a line or two about meteors to be more specific. Not sure if it’ll do any good or not, though…I guess if Nasa says that’s our best option though, then I’ll go with it. : )

      1. (giggling) I’ll cook ya a steak! I have a grill – last summer I learned how to cook a pretty good steak too. Little bit of olive oil and some salt and pepper makes it just perfect. Some zucchini and squash grilled along with it on the side is delicious too…
        That does make me a little paranoid though…that we couldn’t even defend ourselves from anything. Pretty much they’re like, “Yeah, even if we knew it was on the way there’s nothing we can do so prepared to get pounded.”

    3. Hmm, yeah I think we have to think out of the boxcar. We could launch a rocket with a side of beef surrounded in olive oil and a glob of olive oil would surround and contain the meteor and the booster rocket would bring the zucchini and squash. A big enough squash can squash anything. The heat from the meteor burning in the atmosphere will cook it thoroughly and I have my space steak sauce all ready… I hope in doesn’t land near the beach because the seagulls will eat the steaks…well I guess that’s OK if they’ll share some of it — I mean they’re not really big on beef as they prefer fish…

      1. Meteor grilled steak..mmm sounds delicious! We could open a restaurant with your space steak sauce and meteor grilled steaks. We could have big grills with pieces of meteors/meteroties/meteor debris (not sure how to phrase that correctly) in the bottom of it. And cherry pie with a special milky way whipped cream on top for a dessert….yum! There could be all kinds of other space themed dishes and specialty drinks too, like the Shooting Star Whiskey Shooter or a new flavor of Stardust Wine…
        I’m sure the seagulls will share though, after all you’ve shared with them plenty of times. Maybe soon they’ll be bringing you some fish that they caught.

    4. yeah, that’s right: I hadn’t thought of that but instead of hot coals in the grill, hot meteorites makes sense and when it’s spinning down through the atmosphere like a celestial rotisserie, the beef in the olive oil globs would make delicious “meteorotissities” as you pointed out. And the smaller “meteroites” in cumin and lime taste like tacos with chicken I’ve heard. I think space tacos would sell really well. I mean, let us eat our cake and meteroites with fries and the rest can eat their Saganburgers.

      1. mmm space tacos – those would sell well! I’ll eat cake and meteroites with fries with you anytime. Saganburgers…haha! Yeah the trademark stuff gets tricky, i get lost when it comes to that kind of stuff. I’m sure it takes lots of research to know how to do it right. I bet they would be rich in iron though, and lots of other minerals. Ok, i’m off to my parent’s house for a turkey sandwich…not nearly as exciting as metroites, i know but my sister requested lasagna for her birthday dinner and i’m allergic to tomatoes so I’m bringing some turkey to make a sandwich with. I’ll be back later and maybe I’ll have thought of some other good spicey-spacey type dishes we could prepare together.

    5. Oh yeah: it has to be spelled that way because you can’t get a trademark registration on a common word. I just hope that the FDA doesn’t think there’s something fishy about “meteroites” — it has no steroids or steroits at all. And besides, it might be rich in iron…

    6. I hope you do well with your turkey diplomacy. I like lasagna but I think I could make it without tomatoes. Hmm, I’m not sure but I think there is a Greek dish that is very similar to lasagna with layers of pasta, cheese and meat without tomato sauce? Mousaka? Something like that… I’m sure chefs have made all kinds of things. Anyway, so I hope you enjoy the birthday celebration and they let you eat cake as if you’re a Queen or Princess (or honored guest)…

      1. Turkey diplomacy (hehe). I had never heard of Moussaka before. It looks delicious and I’d like to try it out sometime. There were several different recipes, some have a little tomato in it and some don’t but it looks like one of those dishes that would be good with or without em.

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