Window Dressing (Draft 5)

Window Dressing (Draft 1)

Waiting out winter here where
rose petals have long since
swirled upon winds
like naked sweet flakes

Too many cold dreams froze the day.

You could’ve hung around
waiting ’til snow flakes
melted on your tongue

I can’t believe your
hot flakiness is gone
way out and far beyond
and I’ve

been chipping at a sorrow stone
like a flint rock without kindling,
cold slivers and flakes

You could’ve hung around
past winter’s blue tongue end
waited for the equinox
to knock us into Spring

But layers of your patience
seemed to flake off

you couldn’t wait
and cooled

Oh it
would’ve made us warm
that eternal vernal word on
the tip of my tongue
that winter day
looking out the window with you

Oh to wait for the ring
and the equinox

but you defenestrated my love
and from passion fever
in abandonment snow

I can’t believe your
hot flakiness is gone
way out away far beyond
while snow flakes are
melting on my tongue

Is there a vernal venal groundhog
you’ve bribed with flowers
to look through glass, not
see snow flakes falling
this frigid Spring equinox, when
we ought to sing and pop up?

But I’ve been jumping and unraveling
like an unwinding spring
snow flakes melting on my tongue

I hope flowers are coming back
dressed in red flakes

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Window Dressing (Draft 5)

  1. Oh gee, isn’t that silly, I made a lot of changes and rearrangements and was going to throw it away and then when it was almost usable I called it “Draft 1” which I mean I suppose is something I’d dare to show but then I thought I’d indicate that it’s not really “Draft 1” but draft 100 if I include all the times I cursed at it as ridiculous and silly to even start: little bits and pieces. Originally, the “flakiness” was kind of insulting and so I was trying to surround it with all kinds of metaphors… So I kept adding and subtracting… Well, I don’t know, some of the old blues songs are kind of crude and insulting and stereotypical and so why can’t I be crude too…. Hmm, well I mean, I’m kind of “flaky” and it doesn’t seem right to refer to anyone else as a “flake” but you know in the context of “cute” it is a charming exuberance …

  2. Sometimes i think spring is never going to come. It seems like it’s gonna be a long, cold, lonely winter forever and that i’ll fall asleep alone night after night (forever), wishing and dreaming of warmer days that’ll never come. eh, now i’m getting all depressed and teary eyed. I suppose that’s my cue to bring out my optimism and trick myself into believing that one day everything will be great and I’ll feel silly for ever feeling so sad and lonesome…
    I think the flakiness works. I heard it might snow this weekend. Not a great start to spring huh? I got excited about the 70 degree weather a couple weeks ago and bought a couple flower bulbs. Yep, they’re still sitting on the kitchen counter waiting for the ground to warm up. Hopefully soon…

    1. Yeah I think somewhere there is an optimism mantra but then it would be nice if it came with instructions — hmm, maybe there’s like a fortune cookie flower bulb; not sure how that would work. It wouldn’t be good if the slip of paper were in the bulb itself itself because you would probably damage the bulb and then it wouldn’t grow. Well, I guess, whenever it happens that money grows on trees, there’ll be messages written on tulips, but you’ll have to read them fast before the flying pigs eat them first. It should be an interesting new era or is that epoch when flying pigs eat tulips and money grows on trees… Now wait a second, if money grew on trees, that would devalue the currency and it wouldn’t be worth anything or it would cause inflation and then Mother Nature would be a counterfeiter and would have to be arrested…[Oh look at that — another exception. ” ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after “c” and except in ‘counterfeit’ and except in weight, sleigh, and in words I make up…]

      1. A fortune cookie flower bulb would be awesome. I have a fortune from a cookie hanging on my fridge that says “If you’re still hungry, have another cookie”. Maybe sometimes they aren’t really fortunes at all but more like tid-bits of advice? There should be some for parents to give to their kids after dinner as dessert that just have blunt statements like “Clean your room” “Pick up your dirty clothes” or “Finish your homework”. Or there could be some for single people that say things like “Just call her already” “Don’t Forget flowers” or “Tell him you miss him”. I think I missed my calling…I would make an awesome fortune cookie writer! I wonder what messages would grow on tulips? I bet it would be like a bouquet of happy thoughts that would grace every flower bed —- until the flying pigs ate them anyway…ugg. Money on trees would be nice, then there wouldn’t be poverty or people starving in the streets anywhere. I get so confused with the whole monetary system. It’s frustrating. Yeah, I always thought that spelling rule was odd too…

    2. Yes the monetary system can get to be so esoteric. But I’m thinking this: if I produce something, thing or service, I want to trade it for things or services I want. If I breed elephants, it’s not practical for me to take my elephant to the supermarket and say, ” I’ll trade you this elephant for a loaf of bread, a cherry pie, and a screw driver…” So I take the elephant to the elephant broker and he gives me a piece of paper which I can take to the supermarket. But the thing is that the world still has more elephants. But the person taking the money off the trees is not producing a product or service…. So eventually there’s less products and fewer services in the world that you can buy with that paper…. Well that’s as far as I can go without getting totally confused about why money loses its value and there is inflation…. So now I have to decide what I have to trade….

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