10 thoughts on “Book on Beach (Video)

  1. I love it! The one bird isn’t wanting to share, he’s like “Nope, that’s my book, you better stay back!” giggling…I love birds, they’re so cute. So, what book was it? Do you think it read very much or learned anything from it? : )

    1. Thanks. It was “Harry Potter.” I don’t think they liked the idea that wizards could turn themselves into birds. They consider themselves magical enough as they are and don’t need to be part-time humans…. or maybe the wizards who transformed themselves into birds and can’t seem to change back are too frustrated to read it because there’s nothing specific on what to do.

      1. Poor trapped wizards! I suppose i’d be frustrated too. Maybe they need one of the school of Hogwarts spellbooks or something? Perhaps you should let them know that the Harry Potter series is highly recommended by my son. He’s read them all and watched all the movies.

      1. It looks great – That white and grey one looks like he’s trying to learn how to turn the pages with his beak. Soon he’ll be reading out loud to all the other Seagulls!

    2. Yeah, I’m waiting for my invitation to Hogwarts school to tell me that I was a wizard before everyone told me I wasn’t. I read the first two because I’m trying to understand how you write such things. I’m not a great reader and I still am not sure how one structures a novel and how much detail and description is needed to paint a picture… And where and how much to add dialogue. I’m not sure if a person who hates to read would be able to write a novel…. it’s sort of like the surplus of people who want to write poetry(everybody) and the paucity of people who want to read it. (Seems to me, the majority of people(though they may be too intimidated to say so) hate recommended and traditional poetry but are excited to write their own, some of which, though uncredentialed, is superior to the dense things they make students read. [The traditional scholars hated Harry Potter, but it triumphed through word-of-mouth].

      1. I never got an invitation to Hogwarts either. Oh well, I guess i was just meant to smile and get drinks for people. It seems to be working out pretty good so far…
        I always feel somewhat intimidated by big thick novels, but once I get started i turn into an addict and can hardly put it down. I doubt i could ever write one though. I think i’d get distracted too much to keep the story moving smoothly along. It’d probably end up super confusing and people would give up after the second chapter.

    3. Hmm, well, I think you’re a little bit closer to an invitation to the Hogwarts school than I, if you can smile — I rarely do in a natural way in public, but I do smile and laugh in private when I read you ( isn’t a private chuckle so nice — like a spell from the Hogwarts school student practice manual. ) Hmm, a super confusing novel, I suppose the secret would be in the footnotes. Yeah, I should work on the super confusing novel where you read the margin notes first. Hmm, that would be funny and amusing to have a totally chaotic novel but where handwritten in the margins is another dialogue: “Dear: this passage is incoherent but I love you anyway…when you get tired of writing, I’ll meet you at the writer’s cafe — no need to bring a pen because I’ll make sure the encounter will be unforgettable. And see me about spelling and spelling… there are things to be lifted, you know, if there is to be a magnificent coherence.) Hmm, I don’t know, maybe that could be done: the terrible writer in dialogue with the editor and critic where the dialogue and margin notes turn out to be the novel….[no, I’m just imagining different things and I don’t mean that I would picture you as “the terrible writer” — I more see you as the supportive editor and cheerleader and co-author. No, that’s not it. Um uh um, I’ll stop before I make this worse…. I’m musing about chaotic novels and other impossible things I’d like to do…** see note 7§ and disclaimer h/subsection 4 with the rose.

      1. I’m smiling because you smile because of me. That sounds weird for some reason…probably because of all the becauses and smiles added in with warm undertones. But I’m always glad to make you smile.
        That is funny, a great idea…the margins are separate but also part of the novel in an odd way…I like the dialogue and I could totally see me as “the terrible writer” (giggling!) but i’d also like to be all that other stuff too especially if there’s roses involved!
        I’m really tired. It was a looooong day. Work, grocery, my son’s school (he decided he’s going to play the trumpet in band next year). Then I cooked dinner, cleaned that up and sat down to finally relax and our dog was playing and knocked over a folding table with a glass of cherry vanilla soda pop on it and it broke and splashed that sticky soda and tiny little pieces of glass all over the living room floor (it’s wood). It took forever to clean up. I better head off to bed. I need a good night’s sleep. I’ve got more things I want to say on the other replies I need to reply too but it’ll have to wait til tomorrow when i’m making more sense…sweet dreams!

    4. Thanks. Yes, what a cherry vanilla mess. Best that sweet dreams will heal, hopefully with a better flavor, maybe with paper cups in the meadow…

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