Foamy Dream (Draft 1)

Foamy Dream (Draft 1)

I stare at the foam in my coffee
remember the ocean in the rain
conjuring back a dream of froth I had

Hot water would do, but
my coffee is boiling hot for
the exigency of a dream, and

when from the freezer I plunge
an ice berg scoop of ice cream in it
the titanic foam is giggle bubbles
that speak of the dream when
you laughed your dainty blessing,
so pretty your voice, your smile in
the swirl of your skirt like a current
or maybe I just imagine such formality
like the majestic blue of the ocean at sunrise
because you know I don’t mind your bikini too,
love the virtues of shallow laughter-water,
know that the splash and the play
do pull tides from the deep imagination

I can be hot
to be cool

and we sat on the white sand
under the silly white umbrella we had borrowed
not imagining rain on our white beach, where we thought
if only sunshine would be in the heart then joy rises

for sunrise at the beach is
a glistening foam
silver crests
deep blues
an orange glow
and ice cream foam

and I dream of you
with fireworks in the sky

maybe I imagine love
blue and foamy
silvery crested

— Douglas Gilbert

6 thoughts on “Foamy Dream (Draft 1)

  1. I love it. Your words are always so beautiful that they seem magical. I started listing my favorite words and lines but honestly, i think i love every word of it especially the ending.

  2. I’m back with a better comment. I think i was feeling all fluttery, excitable and maybe even a tad bit shy all of a sudden earlier and it made me unable to leave a decent comment. I like the “exigency of a dream” I had to look up the word exigency, i don’t think i’d ever heard it before your poem. The ice cream plunge into your coffee was an exciting moment, I suppose because of the boiling hot coffee and the freezing ice cream. Stark contrasts but a delicious combination. I’ve never tried that before but it sounds delicious anyways – kind of like a root beer float but way better. I like the “dainty blessing” and “swirl of your skirt like a current” and “splash and play” it gives it a playful fun feeling, brings movement and warmth. I like the way “I can be hot to be cool” fits in with the cold/hot (ice cream/coffee). The silly white umbrella made me smile. The ending six lines are a beautiful finishing point too…

    1. Thanks very much. It’s scary and hard to get started on a poem, but your comments always seem poetic and worthy of some kind of poem. But then I have to be extravagant and wander around in glorious extrapolation. The tenses are a little mixed up I think and I don’t think I should assume anyone has seen the videos — I was sort of thinking of them but of course not everyone is going to be thinking along those lines. So maybe some things are vague and assuming too much…

      1. oooh extrapolation…that’s another word i didn’t know that i had to look up. I think that even if someone hadn’t seen the videos they would still love this poem. It works with the videos or without them so I don’t think it was assuming too much.

    2. Oh yes I should use extrapolation in a poem sometime. It’s odd that sometimes I can remember a word that I haven’t used in years( and then to a limited extent) and have it pop up in an appropriate context. It saves a lot to time to have a word that’ll substitute for a 100, though the 100’s are sometimes nice too. We used it in math when I was a kid and that made it ugly and something you wouldn’t want to use in polite company but not really. When I became an adult(somewhat) I found out that it’s a real word and not just something that teachers use to badger you about in logarithm tables. Hmm, teachers create and destroy words… oh, sort of like gods… no, that’s not it… never mind…It’s just that they don’t know oceany things and ocean-knees kneading dough to find the nut of the issue or is that the doughnut of the issue of feeding the birds oceany-suitable crumbs of knowledge….

      1. I’m giggling at the “something you wouldn’t want to use in polite company”…
        I think you should go teach all the teachers all about the oceany and ocean-knees things. They should all have at least a bachelors degree in Bird-Feeding before they are allowed to teach students extrapolations or explorations.

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