Sunrise 1288 uncut

5 thoughts on “Sunrise 1288 uncut

  1. I watched up til about 6 minutes or so and my screen was doing that flashy thing again and driving me nuts so I stopped watching and decided to reply to comments. I’ll come back after dinner to watch some more. It’s taco-night! Yum.

  2. Ok, i finished watching it. Beautiful…so beautiful. I feel really relaxed now and so does my dog. She was laying on the couch beside me listening and rolled over onto her back and stretched out all funny looking with her paws in the air and she just stayed like that for a while. I wonder if lots of people jog in the morning at sunrise? That’s a time of the day when you’d expect to have the beach all to yourself.
    I should turn this on when i’m going to sleep sometime. It’d be like falling asleep on the beach. I could pretend like i’m camping out under the stars and maybe i’ll dream that with you, I actually got to see the fireworks on the beach…

    1. Thanks. It was an odd kind of thing to do: if I pointed the camera at the darkly illuminated beach, the camera would open wide to let in lots of light to show the beach, but if it wandered into the relatively bright light of the rising sun it would close down because it was too bright but in closing down it would make the bright sun and bright waves exposed properly for a picture but would make the beach too dark… so if I pointed down to the beach the lens would open wide to get every bit of the limited light of the dark sand,but if I pointed at the sun it had to close down to not overexpose with too much light. So I suppose you’re supposed to bring bright spot lights for the sand to balance out the bright sunrise. Well, I haven’t hired my crew of lighting specialists yet. Not yet in my budget. But they have this “fill light” option on the editing things which I think is supposed to lighten the dark parts and leave the rest alone. Hmm, I know you said something about “oceany” but I don’t remember where. I wanted to say that I think that Freud and Maslow used the term “oceanic” to refer to a vast spiritual feeling that was without ego or …. oh bleep, I don’t remember… it was supposed to be profound or something… But anyway, “oceany” is not far off: they have thought of the concept and named it “the oceanic feeling”

    2. P.S. It is an odd and mysterious glory but when you’re there in person, lighting is not at all a problem: the beach is bright and clear and in focus and so is the sunrise and the waves — everything is clear and bright. Wow, isn’t the mind a wonderful camera: you walk through the dark and light and see both in focus simultaneously. You would never know it from the photos but the beach is never dark. The beach is bright and clear and simultaneously the ocean is blue, the sunrise is orange, but when the sun is too bright the lens of the camera closes down and misses a lot. I don’t know how the mind does it but it can see and process dark and light all at one time. The camera is totally confused …

      1. I like that term, oceanic. I’ve heard about that before but I guess I forgot about it since I was using words like ‘oceany’, hehe…
        I know what you mean about the lighting and cameras. I’ve had that happen to me before, where the light was just fine for my eyes but the camera made it seem way too dark. If only they could make a camera that worked as well as our eyes.

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