March 9 raw movie in the morning (Draft 1)

Maybe I’ll edit it or maybe I’ll just forget it. I just went out and let it run until my camera said it was out of memory. With the pictures I’ve accumulated and all the videos I’ve been taking, it finally ran out of memory. So I’ll delete something on the camera or get a new card, but anyway everything’s been transferred to the computer and some to youtube, so maybe I don’t need it on the camera card anymore….


9 thoughts on “March 9 raw movie in the morning (Draft 1)

  1. I’ll watch it again later because my computer is acting up really bad doing the flashy screen thing and is giving me a crazy headache trying to focus on the seagulls as i keep rearranging the laptop screen. I’ll get my desktop computer going again and watch it from there. But it looks great from what I watched of it. Looks like you’re having beautiful weather today too…

    1. Yes thanks, the snow came and melted quickly… it was a bit shaky and the high tide washed nearly to the dunes and I had to run backwards a few times holding the camera and the bag of bread crumbs… and then I realized I shouldn’t be facing into the sun but since I had gotten used to filming on cloudy days I hadn’t thought about that… but I think some of the shadows are interesting… I wasted most of the bread crumbs facing the wrong way… somehow I can never seem to plan this right… oh, I suppose you don’t say “filming” anymore because there’s no actual film… I wonder how you’re supposed to say it now — “I’ve gotten used to pixeling on cloudy days” ?

      1. Yeah, our snow melted pretty quickly too. Today it was in the 60’s! I’m ready for spring though, ready to wear dresses without being so cold and ready to go out on walks with my son and the dog, ready to plant my flowers in the flower beds…Oh, I finally got my laptop screen to act right and let me watch the video without so much flashing going on. The tide was high, the seagulls look so cute running around in it, and the “pixeling on cloudy days” had me giggling. I don’t know too much about it but maybe instead of filming they just say recording now? I think the video turned out really good though, and the shadows are interesting.

    2. Thanks. (I think I’ll do my loose and random poetic response) Oh yes Spring and putting flowers to bed, no more pixeling on cloudy days, cucumbers in the sun; pickling in jars will be done I’ve heard though I’m not sure how it’s done, my tides are high here in this northern scrubbed and sanitized silly beach where white sand used to be more important than what would naturally grow if seeds were allowed to take root in the sand. Until the storms, few realized that there are plants that grow in sand and don’t mind the salt water of the ocean. I remember I once asked my Mother why the sand was white and empty and barren and she said that plants can’t grow in sand. Actually, it was because, every year they scraped and groomed and sifted the beach and plowed and destroyed any plant that would dare grow on the pure empty white sand that they had determined was a proper white beach without “weeds”. I always thought we just had a white empty sand beach, a thing to be proud of. And now I’m starting to realize there are two sides to watering the lawn: our climate actually is unsuitable for Kentucky blue grass or other lawn grasses because it doesn’t actually rain enough here and is not warm enough etc. and the beach is not actually supposed to be white and barren.

      1. I never thought about plants in the sand like that. I remember from vacation that there was roughly a 10 foot area/strip along the edge that was closest to the hotels that had some high grassy type plants growing on it but most of the beach WAS really well groomed. At night they would close the beach and machines would drive around grating the sand. I thought it was to clean up any trash people might have left during the day but i bet it’s also to keep the beach perfectly manicured – tourism is a big business…

    3. P.S. The dunes are a new thing. It used to be just a totally flat white beach. And there never were such floods and odd storms. This year has been the worst ever. As far as I know there’s been a stable pure white barren sand beach for 60 years and now ut oh.

      1. It was a strong storm year, it makes me worry about people living on the coastlines, you know, if a stronger storm were to build up or something…be careful, ok?

    4. OK. Yeah, it was an odd oblivious thing thinking we were living on a beach. Then somewhere along the way I heard that technically we were on a “barrier beach.” The barrier beach is like a glamorized sand bar that protects the main beach from storms. It’s like a progressive silliness: “look at that sand bar and empty land: we could build it up and live on it.” So, at first, the rich who could afford to be silly, built there when transportation was primitive and it was difficult to travel very far. They wanted something near Manhattan. When transportation advanced they could go anywhere quickly and far and so who needed to stick a house on a silly beach. But they had already established an “elite” status and false name for it and the riff-raff came to the “beach” (which, hush-hush, was a barrier beach which nature intended to be washed away…). So probably they’ll eventually propose a barrier beach to protect the hush-barrier beach. But then people will probably want to build houses on the barrier beach minus 1. And then they’ll have to build a barrier beach minus 2 to protect the barrier beach minus 1 which protects the barrier beach which protects the beach which protects Long Island…. Well, the bulldozers have been busy piling up the sand and it should be good for at least one more season. They are paying for this year’s special pile of sand and maybe the dolphins will help with next year’s.

      1. Progressive silliness, I like that. You have me giggling about the barriers for the barriers for the barrier beaches. Well, anyway, storms or not, I bet it is wonderful to enjoy that view every morning with a cup of coffee and the seagulls singing to you. I could just imagine drifting off to sleep at night listening to the waves with the window open when the weather is nice. ahhh…it makes me feel relaxed just thinking about it.

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