11 thoughts on “Video: Bird on Beach in Snow (Draft 1)

  1. Wow! You know what? I think that is the very first time I’ve seen a snowy beach. I like the box in the sand – Is that their dinner dish? I started daydreaming for a moment and had to rewind it a little bit, the sound of the waves and seagulls have such a calming effect…

    1. Thanks. Yeah, my box thing didn’t exactly work: I had a string attached to the top and when I pulled the top off it, it scared them and maybe they thought it was some kind of trap so they stayed away for awhile which sort of defeated my purpose of being ready in advance and set up. I think it would be easier if I gave one of them the camera and let them take the pictures — maybe they could fly it around and bring it back if I promised them a big flounder dinner and some scrimp cocktail with clam sauce…

      1. (giggling) It would be awesome if you could train one of them to take the pictures! I bet you’d be in the guiness book of world records or something neato like that.

    2. Yeah, if they could learn to operate one of those toy helicopters they could have their own food rescue fleet — they could glide in the sky like mother ships and have the helicopter hoist up the food like personal stewards, and maybe the helicopters could lower fish hooks into the water and they could catch fish without diving I guess as long as they just eat the body and tail of the fish and I guess they could donate the fish heads for cat soup… Well I don’t know: they don’t sit still long enough for proper instruction and they don’t seem interested when I lay a book down in the sand. I’ve only seen them read the first few words and then they lose interest.

      1. The food rescue fleet would be awesome. Yeah, most of the birds I’ve tried to share books with act like they just don’t have time for that sort of thing. I bet if you got them books on CDs they would be more interested in it. Come to think of it, maybe a Rosetta Stone language course would be a good idea. I wonder if they have a seagull speak to english version available?

    3. I don’t think they’ve perfected it yet. I once had a beta version of a Seagull Fishstone-language-course electronic module that a seagull once dropped on my toe (I was annoyed because it bruised my toe and I thought it was a heavy clam shell.) But when I managed to get batteries for it, it kept saying, “What’s with all this damn wheat bread? We like fish and clams and worms. We’re the aristocrats of birds, not simple lawn birds who eat seeds. Seeds, seeds, wheat and refined flour? Would you dare give a loaf of bread to a dolphin or a whale? Seagull does not live by bread alone. And what were you thinking when you dumped a stale fortune cookie on the beach and made us fight over it….” I think that the beta version can’t possibly be right…

      1. ha! You are so funny. Sounds like they’re picky seagulls with expensive tastes. You should just tell ’em what my grandma says: “beggars can’t be choosers”. A loaf of bread to a dolphin or whale…hehe. That reminds me of this article i read once about dolphins bringing gifts to people. Ok I found it. It says: “The wild dolphins are said to be frequent visitors to the resort and appear to be accustomed to receiving food from beachgoers; it has been speculated that the animals might either be giving in return, or consider humans too inadequate at hunting and in need of a free meal.” That part made me laugh…that the dolphins have a low opinion of human’s hunting skills. Here, i’ll put a link

    4. Wow, they have these “reality shows” where a celebrity chef berates some novice students. They could have a “survivor & chef show” where the contestants retrieve “eels, tuna, squid, and octopus” from the celebrity dolphins and cook it at the tribal consul or whatever they call it. I always thought it was weird that it wasn’t really “survival” in a primitive setting on an isolated island but was very special games where they make contestants fight each other and provide a sadistic voyeurism for the TV audience… I mean, native people in these isolated areas, eat worms and roots because they have to because there’s little food to eat — they don’t really have bizarre competitions and “tribal consuls with Olympic games”… they’re just eating whatever roots and berries are not poison. Oh yes, if the dolphins have acquired TV sets they would consider us very Silly-hunter gatherers.

      1. Good idea! You should contact Hollywood and sell them your idea. It seems like they’re always looking for new reality shows. Yeah, I always thought that the survival show would’ve been better if they were really having to survive instead of just playing games and trying to gross people out by eating leaches and roaches and other gross stuff. I love dolphins. A couple years ago when we were in Florida staying at St Pete beach there were three of them playing in the water about 50 feet from where we were swimming. It was really cool. At first all I saw was a tail pop out of the water and it kinda freaked me out…my imagination got a little crazy and automatically thought “Shark!!!” but then it jumped up out of the water and I realized it was a dolphin and wasn’t really scared anymore.

    5. I saw something I think on Public Television where there is a mutually beneficial alliance between dolphins and people just in this one fishing village in South America. It seems that the dolphins can chase small fish and catch some of them but when the fish run away to very shallow water the dolphins can’t follow them. But the local fisherman noticed one day that small fish would suddenly appear in shallow water so they threw out their nets. The fishermen caught some of them in their nets but some escaped and swam back out to deep water where the dolphins caught them.
          So now the dolphins have trained the fishermen. Every morning at a particular time, the fishermen go out in shallow water and wait for the dolphins to signal them. The dolphins slap their tails on the water to make a big noise and that’s the signal that the fishermen should throw out their nets. The dolphins chase the fish in for the fishermen to catch and the fishermen chase them back out for the dolphins to catch. What’s interesting is that the dolphins are in charge: the fishermen standby with their nets and wait for the dolphins to signal them before doing anything.

      1. That’s really cool. I bet the dolphins are happy that the people finally caught on and started working with them. I like that you say “trained the fisherman”. I wonder how long it took until the fisherman caught on? I bet there’s many more ways out there that people could benefit from cooperating with different forms of nature instead of just forging blindly into one nature-detroying mess after another. This form of fishing is a ‘win-win more fish for everyone’ type situation. I’d love to see it in person.

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