Video Beach Stuff; I don’t know: haven’t figured out how to do this yet


3 thoughts on “Video Beach Stuff; I don’t know: haven’t figured out how to do this yet

  1. All these clips and edits and stuff at youtube I suppose are OK as a starting point. Now I have to find out how you copy these edited things so I can use my own art program to make animations and other stuff. I can’t seem to find how to make a copy for myself to use elsewhere. I suppose they have it somewhere… I thought I couldn’t delete my videos and then somehow I found out where on youtube you can delete your own videos. They make it very hard to find anything. I would have thought they’d just have a box for delete right on the video you’ve just made or edited but NO you have to go to the video manager and check the box for the video(if you can find the obscure name you created in a moment of weakness) and then check the action tab for delete and blah, blah, blah,/ blah, blah/. Geez, could they make it any harder? Thanks very much for giving me a program for editing, but if you don’t mind very much, I’d like a copy of it that I can take elsewhere for further changes…. OK, if I found the mystery DELETE, then I suppose I should be able to find the mystery COPY… … I mean, once I used their editor to cut out the place where I stuck my hand in front of the lens(not that I don’t have an attractive palm), I wanted to delete the original palm version and keep the new one…. So the search goes on for something that should be easy….

    1. Next time you see the seagulls tell them I love them, ok? They are too cute following you around on the beach. They’re like, “Ok, where are we going now?”. What is that guy in the bulldozer doing? Building a sand wall for protection against waves or something? Looks like he was playing on his phone for a minute there. I think you have a very attractive palm, one of the nicest ones I think I’ve ever seen. : ) I remember I was going to ask what you were holding in it, but I think I forgot…was it paper or a napkin or something? I think the edited version looks pretty cool with the color saturation. But yeah, they should make it easier to get a copy of the changes you made on their editing system.

      1. Will do. That’s interesting commentary. Maybe I could make a poem out of it and add it to the video. I think I saw where you can add text in the effects section. I should try it… it’s just that right now I don’t feel inspired to write a poem. I suppose plain commentary would be a start like a first draft… well maybe tomorrow… the snow never came but they’re promising it again tonight into the morning…

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