Aftermath (Draft 1)

Aftermath (Draft 1)

Stormy days
things washed away
seagulls cry

Gave you a pink camera you’d wanted, and
you said you’d visit the beach to
hear the seagulls cry blue
the ocean roar

Said you’d get batteries for it
after you got a cute pink computer

Stormy day floods on first floors
things washed away, but
weren’t you fourth

Don’t know
haven’t heard

Stormy days
things washed away
and I haven’t seen your pink

and then I hadn’t heard a word.
I wonder, could you have posted this
seagulls following your pink camera

Stormy days
things washed away
seagulls cry

Bulldozers and sand walls
protection against the waves.
Did you get batteries and a pink dress?

Did you say you’d visit the beach
to hear seagulls cry

Next time you see the seagulls
tell them I love them, ok?

— Douglas Gilbert


4 thoughts on “Aftermath (Draft 1)

  1. I love it – it’s absolutely wonderful! I read it and then thought about it while i did my morning routine…I have to go to work now but I’ll be back afterwords to leave a better comment.

      1. I like the video, it came out really cool. You know whats odd? For a good portion of my life I wasn’t very fond of the color pink (at all!) but here in the last few years I’ve really started to like it. Last spring bought a pink dress, well it’s a dark pink/fuscia color. I’ve only worn it a couple times but the vibrant color of it made me feel more energetic or excited or something along those lines. But anyway, about your poem, I like how you repeated
        “Stormy days
        things washed away”
        It seems lyrical along with the natural rhythm of your words. I like the ‘cute pink computer’ and the ‘seagulls following your pink camera’…well actually I just love it all. It’s wonderful, as always.

    1. Thanks. That’s interesting. I like purple… but I’ve always found it fascinating that I’ve heard women discuss equipment they want to buy and first thing open for discussion is the correct color and then second on the list is the various aspects of functionality — not that I’m saying that they don’t in the end get the total highest quality final package deal. It’s just the order of discussion of characteristics that’s interesting. I never thought about how a good quality gadget should also be pretty. Oh wait, I’ve thought about it in a negative way. I once had a boom box that worked well but it was pink. So I had to paint it black so I could carry it around without someone making foul remarks. Now that I think about it, there’s probably some poor husband who can’t drive his wife’s car because it’s pink. But she can easily drive his blue car, and his truck if she wants to.

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