Trying to edit a video: Edited Birds 3-3 Video Saturated


2 thoughts on “Trying to edit a video: Edited Birds 3-3 Video Saturated

  1. That looks cool. You changed the saturation? What a fancy camera. I’m always lost on how to use the special effects and other options. It looks great.

    1. Actually, I couldn’t figure out my camera but I managed to find that youtube had an editing feature for doing that. But it was very odd: they hid it for some reason. I clicked on all their “help” buttons and frequently asked questions and all of that and couldn’t find where they have the editing program. I almost gave up but finally found it. But the saturation thing they were hiding even deeper — I found where you can cut out part of the video and was glad to be able to cut out the part where I stick my hand in front of the lens and block everything. Somehow, after I did that, another button appeared for “effects” and there I found the saturation thing. I still haven’t been able to find where on the camera software that uploads the video you can do editing of movies– it just plops down the whole video file with hand in front of lens or any other faux pas totally intact. I suppose it must be there somewhere…. the last time I changed a setting directly on the camera, I screwed up everything and had to find the procedure for putting the camera back to all the default settings.
          But anyway, thanks. I think maybe next time I’ll look for the dominant bird and say, “If you help me adjust my camera I’ll bring you extra food and get you a staring part in a Hollywood movie.” It might work if it doesn’t know I have no connections in Hollywood.

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