Cactus pic: looking for stamens and other stuff



IMG_1269I’m trying to photograph under the droopy flowers because there might be something interesting there.







4 thoughts on “Cactus pic: looking for stamens and other stuff

  1. hmm, I think the fluffy stuff is the stamens(the male part with the pollen) and the purple thing is the pistol which leads to the ovary. I guess it does make seeds. I wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t decide to look for it. I originally just saw a flower blooming and wilting and nothing special. I used a flashlight to make one of the photos. The flash doesn’t work that well… and the others are daylight. Well cloudy daylight because rain and snow is coming.

  2. Oh phooey. That’s not right either. In one of the photos the purple thing looks like more stamens or something. So never mind, I don’t know, it’s just flower stuff and whatever… anyway, I had the camera so I took a picture of a flower thing-a-ma-bob. Maybe next time I’ll get a seagull to land on it — that might be more interesting.

  3. I like all the pictures. Especially the odd angle where you got up underneath the droopy flowers. It reminds me of that artist Georgia O’keeffe who did all the flower paintings. Lovely, so very lovely.

    1. Thanks very much. Well, at least the flowers stand still. I went out on the beach again and I still haven’t perfected the feed and photograph technique. I thought they would wait until I finished putting down the food and then I could step back and get into position to take a picture, but by the time I opened the camera it was almost all gone…

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