Bird on Beach 2 Video


3 thoughts on “Bird on Beach 2 Video

  1. That is a whole lot of seagulls…they are just so beautiful…I’m always fascinated at the way their wings are so strong but move so gracefully and it’s really neat the way they seem to sort of hover in one place. That one seagull is playing king of the mountain on that rock, huh? What were they eating? Love all the new pics and videos…

    1. Thanks. Yeah, one or two always seem to play King. They’re eating sardines and bread crumbs. I managed to extract a few still pictures from the video that I like — it was hard to figure out: the camera software said do I want to extract or export frames from the video and I said sure, so it gave me 6,000 still pictures(I guess the video mode records at 30 frames per second or some such), but anyway, after I deleted 6,000 pictures, I asked for extracts every 10 seconds along in the video but that didn’t exactly give me the right moments. Then I tried the feature to watch and click at the moment you want a still frame. I still haven’t gotten good at it yet. But it’s still better than trying to snap one photo at a time with the camera on scene because then you miss a lot, but then maybe the one at a time pictures are better quality — I don’t know. It’s hard to hold the camera in one hand and put down food with the other and step back… it’s very awkward at least for me because I don’t want to drop the tiny little camera(compared to the old film cameras I used to have) or get sand in the lens or mechanisms. Which reminds me: maybe there’s some kind of wind screen or something for the microphone — every time I walk or turn quickly there’s a lot of noise and I don’t think it’s the sound of wings flapping because it wasn’t really that loud….. I should post this bit now I think before something crashes or whatever and I’ll get back to it later…

      1. Well it looks like they love the sardines and bread crumbs. Sounds like you’ve got a pretty nice camera if it’s able to do all of that. 6000 pictures is a lot! i would’ve had to delete those too. But it seems to have a great quality to them. Oh, for some reason wordpress isn’t sending me notifications when you reply to my comments like it normally does. I have to actually go into my ‘comments i’ve made’ section to see that you replied. It’s been acting up for a while too because when I click on notifications it’s says the last one is from avalanche 2. That was a while ago compared to the newer replies. Wonder what’s going on with that? I mean, i can see that you replied under my original reply on here…

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