Test post: test video


3 thoughts on “Test post: test video

  1. Interesting. It was 9 min (uploaded very fast) and then they said :”there seems to be shaky parts, do you want us to fix it?”. I said, OK. so they just removed it to 3 1/2 minutes. Well anyway, I just wanted to see if my camera was working and to see if I could upload a long thing quickly. Hooray, the upload was fast. a few minutes. Before it took me hours if at all. Ok, sometime in the future I’ll make a real video. I made a new account because I couldn’t find my password for the old account.

    1. I love it! The beach is so beautiful and relaxing…makes me wish we had a beach where I live. The video came out great too. I wondered how long it would take to upload. I’ve thought about making a video and putting it on youtube but have never gotten around to it…

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