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5 thoughts on “Still pics

    1. Thanks. Could be. Actually, I have no idea what it is. I know it’s in the mystery cactus family oh or is that mystery species or genus… I forget how that works… I think it’s probably a flower of some sort, but I’m thinking, poor flower: I think it probably needs insects to pollinate it and make seeds (or is it one of those self-pollinating plants… no that can’t be — I think they have stamens or something…oh gee, I forgot everything about biology. Hmm, where would be the male parts of a cactus plant? [ Well, I think some plants can replicate with parts of the roots or stems…?] )

      1. Ok i looked it up. It is called a Christmas cactus. I think my Dad had one of those at one time. Yeah, some plants are really cool like that. I have a plant called a Corn tree, one time i trimmed it and cut off a section of the trunk from it and just laid it in the dirt and it started growing a new plant. It’s really neat how they can do things like that.

    2. Yeah that is cool: I think I seem to remember that there are even some plants that propagate almost exclusively through their root system. The roots spread out all over the place and stems pop up wherever a part of the root system is exposed. Yeah, I think hardy roots can be useful. I think they use roots from a disease resistant grape plant and transplant vines from a good tasting good wine grape onto it because some of the good tasting wine grapes succumb to disease in their roots… The ease with which cuttings from plants can be used seems very helpful for their use and survival.

      1. Bamboo is like that. My Dad had planted some in one of his flower beds and it was sprouting up in the yard and was making it’s way to their strip of woods. Speaking of grapes, i recently remembered how much I loved them and have been buying them at the grocery again…yum.

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