gee what did i click now

I was selecting pictures to be inserted and somehow in the process my computer made extra copies of all the ones I selected… I deleted the copies and started again. Same thing happened. But the upload worked anyway. Now I have 2 copies of each picture stored as a file. Geez, when I WANT to make copies I can’t get it done that fast… Anyway I think the pictures are clearer this time… Just a quick experiment with the new hook-up. Well, it uploaded fast. Now I just have to figure out the wordpress system… I just choose an old picture at random to see how it looks


3 thoughts on “gee what did i click now

    1. I like all the pictures. I read where you said it was an old picture? At first I was gonna say…gosh New york must be having and early spring! hehe…But I love the budding trees and it does give a lot of detail when you click on it. Makes me wish it really was Spring. I’m tired of the cold weather. So your new internet uploads pictures quickly? I don’t know how you made the copies but I did that once when i was selecting multiple pictures to upload to Walgreens or somewhere to get them printed. For some reason it made extra copies in my files. I never did figure out why it did that…

      1. Thanks. Yes, the spring of memory in Central Park. Yeah, it uploaded fast — a few seconds, and the bunch of photos was somewhere around 30 seconds, I think maybe(wasn’t paying attention — it might have been 10seconds of upload and 30 seconds of me daydreaming and wondering about how I make the WordPress settings). With the dial-up it would have been a half hour to an hour or more, if at all.
            Hmm, about that automatic copying: I glad to see I’m not the only one who noticed it. Maybe it’s because I wanted to select pic’s from different rows and used ctrl click to select and somehow in the process of opening the selected files for the application that’s uploading it, windows interprets it as ctrl-c which is copy selected files.
            Hmm if it’s winter now, it’s summer in Australia. So now I need a benevolent Super Kangaroo, strange visitor from another planet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and who, disguised as a mild mannered marsupial reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, is able to take me there in a single hop, suitcase and portfolio in pouch. Yes, the world will be a better place when Kangaroos fly with a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich in their pouches, able to bend steel in their bare paws (not sure what they are supposed to do with that power) and divert mighty rivers for safe canoe rides and shrimps on the barbe’.

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