Tea (Confused Draft minus 2 [below Draft 1])

Tea (Draft minus 2[theme missing or confused])

Hope something moves me like you do
with approval and encouragement tea.

Fresh tea is sweet when brewed
for an occasion where eyes meet
and blinks become flutters
a stuttered word divine, because
what would be affirmed in the steep
is the scent of wafting play where
seeping things flow out into
the rivers in two cups
fragrant with cinnamon
and swirly with a word
whispered in the mists
before silence goes to bed

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Tea (Confused Draft minus 2 [below Draft 1])

  1. It’s so nice to read a new poem written by you…i love it! It’s sweet like a cinnamon spiked tea. I think swirls of happiness float in those mists…
    I’m tired so my comment probably isn’t the best but i’m expecting (or at least hoping) for some sweet dreams here in a little while because when you read a poem like this right before bed, positive thoughts tend to hang around. Sweet dreams.

    1. Thanks. I think eventually I’ll be able to make a connection or transition between the too stanzas. The “something” in the other world that goes well and then a return to the original inspiration of the first stanza. An in-between that is less abstract… moved to do well and then return — something like that…

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