Poems About Flu

Poems About Flu:

   A Mild Death
(Mexico City Flu)

You can’t plague me
with your reassurances
going Pollyanna’s way —
been Mexico City saying
Apocalypse here I come,

I’m finding me
a way to quiet the child
whose seen disquieting things —
been to
Santa City
Pollyanna here I come

Have me a little house in New Mexico
got smoke signals up the flue
and its
tequila time too

My lady’s gone to Santa Fe
smoke signal’s up the flue. She’ll
be home soon
to make my stew

Heard C is good,
having barbecue, my
lime pork and beans

Gone to Santa Fe
and she’s on her way

She’s a mild one
with a fever for me,
a smile like a child

Been to Santa City
here she comes

She’s a mild one
with a fever for me,
a smile like a child, but

news and

how will she ever
taste my lime chicken,
my pork and beans,
my love on the fire, if

she has gone to Santa City,
only dead from swine flu

     Flu Bird

Shoo flu don’t bother any feverish pretty bird –
she’s got new places to fly, has
songs to fluently sing like Supergirl,
dynamic visitor from a poetic planet,
faster than a speeding silly eagle
able to leap over my building in a single bounce
and she, I’ve heard, feels feverish. Well yes,

I wanted to hear everything even though
we’ve parted, departed, left the park where
she released her homing pigeons
for their test flights, and to be
alone with me

She loved her birds, and
I, her coo’s, because she’s
a pretty feather
a tickle.

Who knew flu would come again
from bird to bird to pig to human
assuming many mutated forms, a spreading

storm of sneezes across the world
stirring up brews for brooding
clouds hanging over chicken soup
a reign of foreboding virus, but

many don’t succumb
or get hit by lightning
in their tanks or cars
though many are
run over by swine
and never come home

not fine in any case of woe
where soup falls into the wishing well, but
let me fly home where love is food
and yet finally our love would be uncaged.

Let there be a sage, I say,
no, I demand, that says

if there’s any justice,
we’ll meet again
in the meadow by the lake
for goodness sakes, only just
sneezing joy from pollen and tickles,
and never struck by lightning

— Douglas Gilbert


4 thoughts on “Poems About Flu

  1. I bet the only good thing about the flu is the poems you write about it. I like how you repeat: “She’s a mild one with a fever for me, a smile like a child”. It makes it seem song-like, rhythmic. And i like “my love on the fire” sounds like something delicious cooking along with the lime chicken, pork and beans…such a sad ending on that one, though.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, It’s funny I went looking for a second poem involving the flu and after I found it I thought, “Why did I do it that way. I could change and fix a few things.” Then I remembered I based the rhythm on the song “Kansas City Here I Come” [well I don’t know if that’s the title, but I was humming the song: Goin’ to Kansas City/Kansas City here I come/They’ve got pretty little women and I’m gonna git me one.. || Or something like that. I don’t think the lyrics were much but I liked the melody enough to use it]

    2. Oh gee, good news and bad news: it’s nothing at all like that. Well, then, I don’t have to worry that I subconsciously copied something. But then on the other hand it’s not really rhythmic which is OK for a poem, but then it’s not singable. Now I have no idea what I was thinking. Must be just the idea of repeating. I couldn’t possibly have been humming anything. Geeez, now I don’t like it. I’ll have to put it aside and re-read strictly like an unconnected poem. Yeah, it was OK before I imagined remembering that I based it on something which I evidently did not. Yikes.
          I guess it would be more like this:

      You can’t,
      plague me world,
      your reassurances… are none

      You can’t,
      plague me world
      goin’ Pollyanna’s way
      in the sun

      been Mexico City saying
      Apocalypse here I come

      Oh hell, that’s not it either. Phooey.

      1. hmmm…I know i’ve heard the Kansas city song before but i can’t remember how it goes at all. Well whatever you were thinking of, I think it turned out great.

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