Chicken Cutlets (Draft 1)

Chicken Cutlets

So delicious are the bread crumbs of a smile
coating so well the cutlet of kindness, crumbs
dipping every whim in whisking eggs, every
fluff enough to beat a heart, and then

it doesn’t matter if it’s sweet or sour,
breaded, bare, or a future recipe:
kindness in an egg wash
that sticks noble things together
to fry in the pan of the hot life
crispy and crunchy.

Love is so tasty that it requires no bread;
it rises from a fermentation of understanding, but
isn’t it wonderful when flour is plentiful and
everything tastes great over conversation

I could bring a spice that’s
saved for special occasions.
Some fruits of many colors.

Such a meal is more golden than sunrise, because
it’s not exactly orange but rainbowsy-cozy

— Douglas Gilbert

3 thoughts on “Chicken Cutlets (Draft 1)

  1. Love it. I recently learned how to fry foods without losing the batter. Not that it’s very healthy but it sure is yummy. I think the trick was making sure the oil was hot enough, because if it’s not then the breading slides off. I love the line that love is so tasty that it requires no bread and I bet your spice is the secret special ingredient that would make every meal magical. Rainbowsy-cozy is awesome – great for the ending words of the poem. It kinda makes me think of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

    1. Thanks. I still haven’t figured out how to do it efficiently. I always totally destroy the kitchen: egg and breadcrumbs on the walls and floor and a thick coating on my fingers. I even tried to lay out a long piece of aluminum foil on a table surface so I could spread out the breadcrumbs like a beach, roll out a cutlet that was soaked in egg and then sprinkle crumbs on any spot I missed and with a little protective sprinkle stack them up neatly, ready to lay carefully in the hot oil… but forget neatness — that never lasts long. Still looks like a disaster zone…But with the right spices mixed into the breadcrumbs it comes out good.
          Rainbowsy. Yeah, thanks, sometimes I like making up a word if I think it sounds natural and I can get away with it. That one came out of nowhere when I was trying to reconcile the expression “golden” for fried stuff and the sunrise which is not really a gold color. And then I went back to the previous stanza and added “Some fruits of many colors” so that the all the references to inexact colors wouldn’t be jolting, and I wanted to be able to use the two meanings for “orange”, fruit or color. And the extra silliness masked over any inconsistencies. That way I could keep all the “wrong” words without a problem. Sometimes if I try to “fix” everything, it ruins the feel of it that spills out.

      1. (giggling) Yeah, I make quite a mess too when i fry, but it generally is just the section of counter top between the sink and stove (and caked all over my fingers). That’s weird, i accidentally typed ‘feelings’ instead of ‘fingers’ at first…well maybe my feelings are feeling caked up like egg and flour lately too or something. I’ve made Panko Chicken a couple of times, you roll the chicken through egg then cover it in Panko bread crumbs and bake it. I suppose it’s supposed to be a little healthier because it’s not fried, but it does come out nice and crisp. Maybe i can borrow some of your spices…i have no idea what to even add as far as extra seasonings.
        I like your extra silliness – though i may not have noticed the inconsistencies anyway. I’m kinda aloof sometimes.
        Every time i ever tried to fix anything i usually just made more of a mess. I’ve learned (through trial and mostly error) to just stop, stay still and wait for someone who knows what they’re doing to come along and tell me what i should be doing to make whatever it was that i was having problems with better…the problem with doing that though is that most people just don’t care or maybe just never even notice that i desperately need help, so i sit around with the same problem forever…(sigh)

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