All Season Blues with Red Pepper (Draft 1)

All Season Blues With Red Pepper

She always said to take everything with a grain of love
but now she’s so salty and sad with winter blues
and I say when I bump into her
you are as sweet as nectar, but she
buzzes looking for the lost flower
and the snow overcomes her
in the winter-cold blues, or is it
all-season blues; I don’t know:

haven’t seen her since
the hush of the minor catastrophe
though I suppose that the

minor is always major
with a little transposition
of position and starting point.

Oh no, how can this be
that the Goddess of Silver Linings
is in a sorrowful cloud, when
I love puffy-fluffy things, and
she has a talisman, a stuffed animal,
that she has given my name to, and
I have her last letter to read
again and again to warm me until

our summer comes, we harvest,
we cook, we love the day, and
even in a panic picnic
we laugh because
catastrophe seems so silly
when love is abundant
especially for us

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “All Season Blues with Red Pepper (Draft 1)

  1. It’s beautiful and i love it. I felt all warm and happy as i first read it and then i got all sad and couldn’t come up with a comment. I think i’ve been buried in an avalanche as i looked for the lost flower. But your poem is wonderful, like a fairy tale and it leaves me dreaming of better times. Oh how i wish it were summer, i don’t think i can live like a lonely eskimo much longer.

    1. Thanks very much. It does seem like chatting is good for writing. I’m not sure about this style lately. It’s not like my earlier writing where I planned more, or started with a random word or an abstract concept and went from there. I don’t seem to have any particular method anymore. And now I’m piling up a bunch of 1st drafts that I don’t know how to finish. They’re basically OK but they all have some awkward spots, I suppose because I didn’t plan anything.

      1. I think all your first drafts are great! I don’t think they really seem very awkward at all. Maybe that’s why all my poems seemed to have awkwardness though. Because i never really had a structure or plan for them. It’s just like a wave of random thoughts and emotions crashed together that became a poem. I just read an article about the curiosity rover. It may have found a lost flower…some people say it’s just a rock. The flower part made me think of this poem though. Here look:

    2. Thanks. Well, sometimes you can start in the middle(although sometimes you don’t know that’s where you are at the moment of writing down a random thought), and then build the structure around it. Where did this thought come from, so you write a stanza before the thought to explain it, and then where is it going, so you add something after… and then they don’t fit together so you revise, fix, change things in such a way that everything is related…
          The Mars flower is interesting. It’s sort of translucent like a bean sprout. I wonder if they will find any soy sauce, or roast pork in a barrel. Well, if they find more of them, they’ll be able to compare them and see if there is a common process for making the shapes. If there’s a pattern they’ll know more. I wonder if besides the robot arm they brought a wok and some ginger and sesame. Perhaps soon they’ll be taking take-out orders. I’ll have the small pint size carton with a menu for future options. I wonder how much you’re supposed to tip the delivery guy from NASA? Oh, that explains the chop sticks on Mars.

      1. It does look like a bean sprout! I hope they have fried rice with broccoli in it to go with along with it, i’m sure the delivery charge is outrageous though and i bet it’ll be cold long before it arrives. I think the rover should have one of those hibachi grills on it, then if it finds any Martians it could cook dinner for them and make a good impression from their friends on Earth.
        Oh i also saw an article where they found a rock from Mars that has 10 times more water content than the other rocks they’ve found from Mars. hold on, let me see if i can find a link to it too. Here ya go:

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