The last of the unicorns, she is mourning corny
and the myth of herself, looking at the protrusion
that would seem so merely Cyranoian, but she
without sword is half a lemon
in a tea brewed with tendrils of
boiling horniness and musical mist

She yearns to scream a redeemed love
full throated with soothing lozenge
that is a little sour treat with fickle silliness,
yearns to leap in circles like
there is no tale end and
the tail not caught is a fickle giggle that
circulates like the blood of the universe
so that, with abandon and freedom
all can take heart and throb
like we could trumpet a mist
and flower like a noisy bouquet
on the horns of symphony

— Douglas Gilbert


9 thoughts on “Unicorn

  1. Love this! When i was a little kid one of my favorite movies was “The Last Unicorn”. I’m pretty sure it was the first movie i ever saw at the movie theater. I like the ‘boiling horniness and musical mist’ and ‘scream a redeemed love’ and ‘fickle giggle’…oh and the ‘noisy bouquet on the horns of symphony’. Well i guess i should stop listing your words and just say i like the whole poem very much, your rambles must be magical – they always turn into beautiful poems…

    1. Thanks. Well then, this works out well because your rambles lead to my rambling replies which sometimes can be made into a poem. I guess in this context it pays to keep talking… maybe instead of telling kids to stop talking so much, they should just send them over to the poetry booth where someone can write it down for them…. which reminds me that in some cultures where they don’t tell little kids to shut-up that they remember past lives; in ours we tell them it’s nonsense and they should stop making things up or “lying”, but they sometimes describe their previous occupations and families in detail — things a 3-year-old could not possibly know. Anyway, it’s one of the things they cite as evidence for reincarnation. I guess most people think it’s when a flower shop gets a new shipment of carnations or when the tipping point in a nation occurs, after a disaster, when more people have cars than use public transportation and once again it is a nation of cars. Oh wait, it would have to be only trendy hip cars, the ones that are “in-cars”. When every one has a Porche or Mercedes then it becomes an in-car Nation.

      1. Love your reply, it had me giggling…the “in-car Nation” that’s good -hehe…guess i have to work on getting a Mercedes now, huh? That’s probably gonna take a while.
        Yeah, i’ve heard that before about kids remembering past lives, that’s pretty interesting. I hope i never stifled any of my kiddo’s past life memories or anything like that unknowingly. I think i’m pretty open minded and i do always try to listen. i’m so tired i can’t leave a good reply so i should go to bed…i just liked your reply and didn’t want to leave it unacknowledged. Weird, for some reason the word ‘unacknowledged’ just looks weird like i’ve spelled it wrong or something but spell check says it’s right. I wonder why that happens sometimes; a word will just look funny to me for some reason or another. ugg – see i’m too tired to be making sense in a reply right now, nighty night!

    2. Thanks. Whenever I look at words too long I always think I’ve misspelled it (often I have), especially if I’m expecting logic and consistency. Sometimes you can use a word quickly and without thinking about it, by habit, and however weird it looks you don’t notice it. None of the rules always work: i before e except after c, and except in “weird”. I think it might look weird because “a” can be used as a negative prefix and so too “un”. So at first glance it looks like a double negative but it’s not because the “ack” is part of an ancient word so the ancient ack word is sort of like having a meaning similar to “confirmed” where you see no prefix. Anyway that’s my theory after looking in the dictionary at how “a” is used and then I got lost looking at how there are different dynamics to using Greek and Latin roots. I guess it’s confusing because we have words that operate under Greek rules, Latin rules, Anglo-Saxon rules…Thanks for letting me know you know what I know about knowing or not knowing and “never is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day. Home, home on the range/where the deer and the antelope play”…oops, i started singing…That’s one of the few times where I don’t mind negatives — usually they confuse me when people are not uninvolved with obfuscation. Actually I can see how a sunny sky could have a cloud lurking in the distance or off to the side but “not cloudy all day” in the song Home on the Range doesn’t allow that.

      1. giggling…i love your singing! I’m not sure why it looks so weird to me, it still looks weird today, i thought it was just because i was sleepy last night. I bet it does have something to do with the ‘un’ and the ‘ack’ and then the ‘knowledge’ just sort of hangs on there at the end. Oh a couple of weeks ago i heard that Nasa was supposed to make some big announcement about something they discovered with the curiosity rover, did they ever announce whatever the news was? Sometimes i miss out on things that i’m kinda excited about and am left wandering around wondering what it was or could’ve been…

    3. Yes, this NASA thing: I heard about it. They are starting to develop a long track record of acting weird. If it were just one time, I’d say, oh it’s just an innocent mistake and all the conspiracy theorists are nuts but….
          They announced that they had big “historic” news to tell at a news conference and then they showed up and said nothing. Somebody told them to shut-up because this is like the 10th time they’ve done this false alarm routine. From what I’ve heard, they were going to announce that they found Organic material on Mars indicating that there is life on Mars. Now they are putting out, almost in rumor form that the reading was due to “contamination”. But that’s ridiculous because it’s standard procedure to clean and sterilize all of our space probes before we launch them from Earth so that we don’t contaminate other planets with Earth microbes or any other “organic” material. Hey, even when we were much less sophisticated we cleaned everything before going to the moon. So even in the old days they were very careful to avoid “contamination”. If they found “organic” material, it’s not from Earth and the robot doesn’t sneeze. There must be people at NASA trying to leak information and they get threatened. “Don’t you dare say anything at the news conference or else…” This really weird behavior by them has happened several times now… they’re begging for help. If we had a brave congress, they could make their bosses appear before a committee under oath and force them to bring the data and show it to the public or explain why it must be top-secret. They claim it’s just science. If it’s just science then the data must be public for other scientists to study. If it’s secret, they should explain why.

      1. That’s nuts. Somebody had to tell them to shut-up. Why else would they have “historic” news and then it’s just nothing…yeah, right. You’d think they’d at least present the historic news, contamination or not for review. Then they could show what they found or prove their contamination. You have a point too, of course they would clean and sterilize their equipment before sending it into space. You don’t spend THAT much money on something just to send it to Mars contaminated. Something just doesn’t add up. Bunch of malarkey if ya ask me. I’m disappointed…i really was excited to find out what they found. I wonder who would silence them? We’ll probably never know who silenced them or what they actually found…

    4. They went to a American Geophysical Union conference(Dec. 3-7) and made it worse —
      Oh, goodness gracious,we always expected contamination:
          “Curiosity’s team selected Rocknest as the first scooping site because it has fine sand particles suited for scrubbing interior surfaces of the arm’s sample-handling chambers. Sand was vibrated inside the chambers to remove residue from Earth. MAHLI close-up images of Rocknest show a dust-coated crust one or two sand grains thick, covering dark, finer sand. “…
          Look out, we’re lining up our excuses like we did on all the other missions and we’re using an old favorite “perchlorate”:
      “SAM tentatively identified the oxygen and chlorine compound perchlorate. This is a reactive chemical previously found in arctic Martian soil by NASA’s Phoenix Lander.”
      On the first mission, scientists designed tests which they thought would indicate life. They put a sample in a solution and thought if there were life, oxygen and other gases would be released in a certain way. BUT THEN they said OOOOPS we made a mistake it’s only perchorates which are making chemical reactions and it’s not life that’s making the reaction. WELL OK SO YOU’RE NOT GOING TO MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE OR EXCUSE TWICE RIGHT?
      “…identified…perchlorate. This is a reactive chemical…Reactions with other chemicals …formed chlorinated methane compounds — one-carbon organics[nothing to get excited about] that were detected by the instrument. The chlorine is of Martian origin, but it is possible the carbon may be of Earth origin, carried by Curiosity and detected by SAM’s high sensitivity design. ”

      A double sucker set-up. Perchlorate ruins or masks any meaningful analysis which they knew from the last time AND they throw in Earth carbon for good luck. Look, some scientist was sitting at his computer console with an NPR reporter looking over his shoulder and he says, “this is for the history books…”. You would think he knows all about perchlorate or whatever other false alarms they’ve had in the past. He wouldn’t be shouting Eureka, so to speak, if it were a minor glitch.

      It seems to me they want some poor unfortunate reporter to get it wrong and then they can shoot him down easily and make him look foolish. Somewhere else I saw something about how they haven’t yet confirmed if the “still secret data” really indicates life.

      1. hmm, (imagine a sarcastic tone) well apparently they DO spend that much money just to send it into space contaminated. Yeah, i’m not buying it – I doubt that very intelligent scientists like those we have at Nasa are just sitting around making the same mistake again and again…nah. Sounds like someone doesn’t want whatever was discovered to be shared for some reason. It makes me want to know what was discovered even more than i wanted to know before. “Still secret data” hmmm…so many secrets they seem to have…you’d think scientific discoveries should be public knowledge so that anyone who is interested enough is able to make their own conclusions about what the information is. But apparently it doesn’t work like that…

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