test x

Bulldozer at Sunrise



3 thoughts on “test x

  1. Well, it’s a start. If I can get other things moving it might look better. At least I finally got photobucket to upload something after three tries…

  2. Whoa, the bulldozer must be magic! That turned out great…very nice work so far. I was really surprised when i clicked onto your page and discovered your new animation and new polls with poems. Apparently my reader thing on my homepage isn’t working because it still shows the photo from 5 days ago as your latest post.

    1. Thanks. This gets to be complicated — the tractor is just sort of gliding and the water is not moving. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to draw that in frame by frame. I have an old program and have to go back and forth between the picture editing program and the animation program that accepts a picture to put into a frame. The picture program let’s you make overlays but I could never seem to get that right so I go back and forth. I suppose I should try the overlays again and practice the technique… maybe I could learn it this time….

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